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Jun 10, 2022
Hi all, new here but taken sometime to read through the excellent content. I just wanted to flag an issue I’m having with a withdrawal at 32 Red and see if anyone had experienced similar recently and might know what is going on. I’ve been a player there for years and never had an issue like this until now. On the 4/5th I made a number of withdrawals totalling just over 4k. Not my biggest ever and I didn’t expect any issues. The problem seems to stem from using Trustly to deposit for some reason. I got an e-mail on the Tuesday asking for copy of bank statement and details of account I deposited from using Trustly. I sent that through and have heard nothing since. Attempts to find out what is going on hit a brick wall, and they refuse to give me any updates. As I say been there years, fully verified and never had issues before but this time their responses and what I feel is really poor customer service is worrying me. Anyone else had an issue like this with them recently? 7 days to review one document seems excessive. I have used Trustly before at other casinos for deposit & withdrawals and no issues ever. 32 Red suggest in the faq’s you can withdraw using Trustly but when you come to it the option isn’t available, so I used my verified card.

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Before VISA Direct i would have used Trustly quite a bit but since then, not so much/if at all. In the time using it i was never asked for bank statements etc as i thought the whole point of it was you wouldn't need to send in stuff like that (Trustly/KYC casinos etc)

Can't speak for 32 Red but message the rep and who might be able to cut through the chaff that is 2022 Customer Services ;)

Yeah, that was my view (and experience elsewhere) of Trustly. Not sure why 32 Red offer it if they can’t handle withdrawals!
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