Depositing at Videoslots again, because at least it works

Just a final note on this VS experience, I decided to withdraw last night when my balance dropped back down to £100, as I'd had a decent run and one can only expect to keep one's head above water for so long when playing a slot with a base RTP of 92.66%. (I'm just such a sucker for Worms Reloaded, it's one of my favourite ever online slots. There's a Worms games on the Blueprint cabs in the pubs here which is very similar, and I'm a right twat for getting involved with it at £1 play with a mere 90% RTP!).

The withdrawal was paid with no fuss inside of ten minutes, so it was basically money back, but I'd got nearly ten and a half hours (!) of play for free, basically, so can't argue with that.


Stats wise not too bad really, if you add on the Jackpot King round (which I triggered once on Worms), my RTP is basically bang on target.

Overall no complaints, would VS again.

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Pushed my luck again on Genie Jackpots Wishmaker Jackpot King last night, and somehow ended up in profit again, last night's RTP was 106%, but you can see from my recent play on it, from over 10K spins (so admittedly a small number overall), I'm running at 103.63%. (Worst session I've had is 96.06%, which is still slightly above target.)

I triggered the Jackpot King bonus round twice, and it always pays something so it's not one of those 'dead' progressive rounds (I hate those) and means there's a good chance you'll realise some of the RTP that's given over to the progressives (which is small on this game).

Win of the session was 200x on the Big Money bonus round, which came from getting to the end of the Magic Carpet bonus round.


Utter spawn.
I just checked my lifetime account history with them using the 'My Profile' section of the site, they've had a decent chunk of change out of me over the years :)
Well it's been in the post somewhat but I came crashing back down to earth on Genie Jackpots Wishmaker Jackpot King this evening, achieving a paltry 76.36% RTP with 2206 spins, losing 525x stake in the process. I also failed to trigger the progressive round a single time.

It played like a bag of spanners all round, with the genie choosing to remain in his lamp for extended period times of time having a wank or something, when he should have been bestowing big cash prizes on me.

Oh well, you cannot indeed, win them all.


Lifetime RTP on the slot is still above T-RTP, albeit this evening's session has knocked it under 100%.

Far better results from my most recent deposit, which yielded a total of nearly twelve hours of playtime over the last three days, a peak balance of just over £200, and finally a withdrawal of just over £150 last night. (£100 deposit, all games played on 20-30p spins.)

It was mainly low-variance Jackpot King Blueprint games, nearly all of which behaved themselves pretty well. Honourable mentions go to Twin Happiness (thanks to @dave1888 for the heads-up on that one) for throwing a solid win into the mix (it's a full RTP clone of Twin Spin, although I prefer Twin Spin theme wise) and Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers which is still on the books there (a great old low-medium volatility game), and reminded me of a time when online slots were better.

Turkey of the extended session award goes to BTG and Lucky Streak Mark 2, a game I have sworn off in the past and remembered why last night. It wanted nearly 1000 spins for a single feature that paid 59x and cost the better part of 250x to come in, with the base game and crappy side feature doing its usual death by a thousand cuts routine. It irritated me to the point I just said 'bollocks to this', withdrew my remaining balance and called it a night.

(The problem with Lucky Streak Mark 2 is I am a total sucker for the theme, which is 'old UK fruit machine', and BTG have absolutely nailed that side of things, it's so good in that respect, but the maths model is fucking atrocious.)

These are the slots I played over the three days, and as you can see, some nice numbers there, ignore Irish Riches because I only did a few spins on it, all the others I spent a decent amount of time on.

Finally, withdrawal was paid within 10 minutes at around midnight last night.

Paws of Fury kicked out a 326x (quite good for one of the low-variance Blueprint games!).

Twin Happiness lobbed in 321x.


Win below is not very impressive, more it's just to note that this great old slot is still available at VS.


An hour and twenty minutes for a single feature that paid 59x, this is when I decided to call it quits and withdraw my balance, that's the BTG Effect! It's a crying shame that BTG have lumbered this slot with such an abominable maths model.

Gah! Stupid me! I returned to the poisoned well last night, and to the amazement of no one, I got poisoned again. Poisoned wells will tend to do that.

Lucky Streak Mark 2, which really needs to be renamed to Unlucky Fucker Streak Of Piss did another piece of work on me, reducing a balance of 620x to zero (£124 on 20p spins). The stats sheet says it all really, utterly miserable from start to finish. The basegame is essentially incapable of paying decently (at least in my experience) and the little side feature thingy is almost always wank.

The main feature is great and I really like it, chasing those five wilds, a single line of which pays 500x, but good luck getting one of those bastards, let alone any stacks.

Only myself to blame really.

It's not even the losing that bothers me so much as how miserable it was, and what a terrible value for money proposition online slots can feel like. I'm comparing and contrasting last night's session with Cyberpunk 2077, which has cost me a total of £70 for the main game and expansion, and delivered TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY HOURS of top flight entertainment for that investment (and I'm still not finished with it yet).

Or there's Lucky Streak Mark 2, which took nearly double that amount of money and basically just annoyed me for nearly three and a half hours. At least I was playing Cyberpunk 2077 at the same time, so I had something nice to take my mind off it.


The stats say it all, really. (And remember, this is on top of my last session, which also delivered under 75% RTP.)


Or on the other hand, here's my playtime on Cyberpunk 2077, which cost me substantially less than the unwelcome rogering that BTG's bastard bollocks inflicted on me last night.

Looking forward to the next Lucky Streak mark 2 vid, Choppler.

Never again!

Definitely never again this time. Just like the last time. And the time before that.

Should have stuck to my nice gentle Blueprint slots. That'll teach me to mess with BTG.
So after the ignominious bottom-violation that Lucky Streak Mark 2 inflicted upon me, last night I returned to my trusty Blueprints, and the results were favourable.

Hey look, you don't have to wait an hour for a feature!
Hey look, even modest 100x wins don't feel like a lottery-odds result!
Hey look, they've even managed to incorporate a progressive that doesn't feel like a total waste of time for low-stakes players!

I don't have any screenshots as I had the slots running on my new DOOGEE (yes that's the brand name) tablet - (whilst I was playing Days Gone on my PC) - which cost £200 from Amazon because I refuse to pay the pisstake prices for tablets that all the main brands are charging these days, and my trusty old Samsung Galaxy Tab A struggles a bit even with some online slots, let alone Warcraft Rumble which I am currently enjoying (there is no PC version of it).

However thanks to the splendid MyRTP feature at VS I can at least produce the stats, which as you can see are pretty handsome.


I also had a short blast at Worms Reloaded (which is possibly my favourite online slot because I love the theme, I've been playing Worms since it came out on the Amiga back in 1995).

This took my starting balance of £100 to nearly £200, alas I couldn't quite crest £200 so stopped at £190, which remains in my account for more slotting this evening.


Also, here is the DOOGEE tablet I bought, would recommend! Fuck the prices Apple and Samsung are charging for tablets. It runs online casinos very well, and copes fine with a modern 3D game like Warcraft Rumble, without costing hundreds and hundreds of pounds in the process.

Megaways is wasted on me, one winline is all you need!

1000x top prize, overall moderate volatility, and a 97.06% RTP, this stuff is still out there if you have a poke around.

Also it largely looks after itself with a 250 spin autoplay option, I've set it to stop on 20x or greater. This means I can focus on surviving in the zombie apocalypse playing Days Gone. (I've completely finished Cyberpunk 2077 now, I got 265 hours of it, which isn't too shabby.)



Best win so far is 100x.

200x, surely the 500x and/or 1000x is within reach..... (LOL)

That balance of £227 is all from a £100 deposit played at 20p spins on low-medium volatility slots.

I think a lot of what's gone wrong with the online slots landscape in recent years is stupidly high volatility across far too many of the games available. (And of course a nerfing of RTPs into the 94% zone.)

So in the end I had that single liner slot - (Double Fancy 7s it's called, because fancy sevens are the best kind of sevens, fuck those normal sevens) - rattling away for over five hours and it chewed through 5,667 spins, keeping almost exactly to RTP, which means of course, that I lost some cash on it :) A house edge, even a small house edge, still means that the player will lose over time!

It is also however, a very good example of how small changes in RTP can hurt once you get into the mid to high 90s on RTPs, on this occasion I moved to Double Fancy 7s with £176, after 5,667 spins on a 97.64% RTP, my overall balance had declined £26 (I finished last night with £150).

If Double Fancy 7s had a 94% RTP and it'd stuck to that, I'd be left with not much over £100, as my total loss would have been £68 instead of £26.

Here are last night's stats for it, I hit £40 (200x) twice and £20 once, they both stick out very clearly on the chart, aside from a couple of £10 wins in there too, you can see that actually, there's a lot of RTP churn on small wins. Alas the £100 and £200 wins eluded me - but I can't help but feel they should be achievable!

Overall, would not rule out Fancy Sevening again, however, there are loads of games that VS still have on their books in the 96-97% range, so I want to work my way through more of those.

Oh yes here's the other £40 win, swap out that red seven on reel two for a fancy seven, and that'd be the 1000x top prize.

I suspect the reels on this game are 'real reels', which I also quite like.

Oh yes here's the other £40 win, swap out that red seven on reel two for a fancy seven, and that'd be the 1000x top prize.

I suspect the reels on this game are 'real reels', which I also quite like.

View attachment 191003
Nothing is 'real' in online gambling.
Nice to see that Starburst is still a weapon of choice for casino free spins in the year 2023....

This Wheel of Jackpots thing doesn't seem too bad in fairness, you get it on a decently regular basis and it yields at least 50 free spins, although on this occasion I have been spoiled with one hundred free spins on everyone's favourite 'never pays anything out ever' game. (Now featuring an excitingly nerfed RTP as well, because Starburst at 96% was just too spicy a proposition for some casinos!)

Did u ever play Scorched Tanks on the Amiga, Chop? Similar to worms, was great.
Didn't ring a bell so had a quick look on YT, not one I remember owning or playing, it was a PD game by the looks of it? I would often buy my games from a dodgy geezer at Bury Market who had boxes full of copied disks, if I didn't lose all my money in the arcades or pubs on my way there....
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Its never too late.

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I remember looking for it some time ago, problem was that me and my friend that played it only ever called the game 'bomb' because that was the name of the .exe file for some reason.
Not very impressive graphics when compared to worms, but very satisfying weapons.

I dont remember if it was the first worms game that had a level generator, but whichever version of worms it was me and some friends spent a lot of time generating levels.
You could input whatever text you wanted and it would generate a level, so we had a file with a bunch of good words saved so we could replay them.

Pretty funny looking back because with every new game that released you sat there thinking 'Wow, this is surely the pinnacle of computer graphics, cant get any better than this'
But somehow it did get better, imagine that.

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Still on the ascent, I can't help but feel one needs to pick the right time to call it a day and cash out....




Current status from that £100 starting point - £250 cash balance.

In the end I called it a day at £200 and withdrew. The final push to cash out was when I decided to have a little flutter on Lucky Streak Mark 2 (yes.... I know....) and amazingly triggered the feature within 5 spins (this is a slot that can make you wait an hour for a feature), it didn't even pay that terribly at 54x and put my balance back up £210.

However somehow it felt like a sensible point to call it, because I know what that slot can do if you let it draw you in, so I played back down to £200 and stopped.

Here's the feature trigger after 5 spins on my first autoplay block of 100.


11 winspins, not too bad. (Every spin is a guaranteed win in free spins on this game.)


TBH from that number of spins I was expecting more. This put me back up £210, I carried on until it dropped down to £200 and withdrew.


Videoslots paid in less than ten minutes on a Sunday evening, can't complain about that :)

Didn't ring a bell so had a quick look on YT, not one I remember owning or playing, it was a PD game by the looks of it? I would often buy my games from a dodgy geezer at Bury Market who had boxes full of copied disks, if I didn't lose all my money in the arcades or pubs on my way there....

Was my friend who hadthe Amiga. PD game I believe yeah, i forgot that term, PD, it's been so long lol. We would skip school, probably 11 years old, playig schorced pants. That's what we called it. Ithad a weapo called Crimson Flood, which woud flood an area then leave them buried miles beneath it once it had finished. Was better tha worms imo.

My friend was making games othe Amiga at the time, only 11 or 12 years old. He ripped off bubble bobble but used an ass and a head to burp and fart as the characters. Had a unique sense of humour :D

Was more of an Atari ST man myself ;)
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