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Jul 1, 2023
Hey Team!

Anyone else getting fed up with Videoslots and delays on tickets being resolved?

It seems on average if I have a problem with free spins working through their Wheel of Vegas, it takes well over a week for resolution.

For example:

50fs on a LightningBox game (which I'm able to play in Ontario), spins weren't applied. Reached out to Customer Service to "escalate" the issue, and its now going on 9 days with no update, no clarification, no free spins replaced.

Bought in to the Tuesday Madness Tournament (1 Euro) on Temple Tumble (Relax Gaming) which I can play in Ontario. The game gave an IP error (I guess it's the providers fault I'm told by CS). It's been 4 days now and my entrance fee has not been refunded.

Additionally, just tonight I received 50fs from Wheel of Vegas on immortal romance (Which I can play in Ontario), and ANOTHER error, spins weren't applied. Only this time I reached out to Customer Service, and after 40 minutes of waiting, I gave up.

Is this the standard / norm with other online casinos as well? I'm getting ready to just bail on this entire website, which I've been a part of for over 10 years, because these constant errors, delay in answering and resolving tickets, is absolutely rediculous. I remember back in the day ALL of the above issues would be resolved by front facing customer service, but I guess now they just have front facing CS take your problem, create a ticket, and send it off for the small number of back end employees to credit spins / actually fix the problems?

Anywho, /EndRant
Ugh, I totally feel you! I've had my share of waiting around for issues to get fixed too, and it's super annoying. It's like, you're all excited for your free spins or to play in a tournament, and then bam, something goes wrong and you're stuck waiting forever for a fix. I'm not a pro or anything, but even my small wins feel less fun when there's all this hassle. I'm starting to wonder if it's the same deal with other sites or if it's just here. Thinking about whether it's time to look for a new place to play. Been with them for ages, but these constant delays are a real downer.
Same here, I couldn't even get through to an agent for the past couple of days. Sent an email as a backup but yeah I have to say regardless of how much I've been annihilated on videoslots the past couple of weeks it does feel like recently there's been a degradation over the quality of the service unfortunately :/
I'm on nearly two weeks waiting for them to contact Evolution over a blackjack game not crediting my win.

Granted this is Mrvegas but I assume they share support staff.

The agents don't seem to have any power other than to pass onto another team so simple fixes take a long time.
They have gone from being my favourite casino to the absolute worst. I will not deposit another dime here. Other casinos have figured it out but for some reason videoslots cannot. Always qualify for the freerolls and there have been issues every Monday and Thursday that do not get fixed on time. Issues with the past Tuesday madness battles for the last few weeks not allowing me to participate. Free spins not working. Getting kicked out every few minutes. Totally fed up! Things were not too bad when Mr Wild was around. He’d fix things quickly. Let’s not even mention how things have progressively gone downhill since Dan left. Just got a response to 2 emails sent a week ago from support. Unbelievable! Good riddance Videoslots!
Hi everyone,
We changed the system that handles our customer service tickets, and it resulted in to be a bad move as it have messed up everything for us. That is the reason for our responds time being jack shit atm.
We are working on sorting the mess out and in a few days things will be back to normal.
We apologize for the inconvenience :(
Hello everyone,

Writing here to update and confirm that the issues has been resolved, and all the customer support system are up and running again.

Please feel free to reach out to the support if there are any questions, and also feel free to reach out directly to me here on the forums if anything is needed.

Kind regards.
Team Videslots.

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