ecopay deposit bug with videoslots


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Apr 19, 2016
Hello all.

i just like to share a story with everybody and wondered if others have had any similar experiences.

it was quite a few years ago when we were still able to gamble online in Australia. That evening i made a $500 deposit to my videoslots account via ecopay. i lost and i got bored so i started mindlessly randomly clicking on my pc. than all of a sudden i notice that my ecopay account balance was still $500,. so i made another deposit and it worked, and i made another 500 deposit after that bringing my videoslots balance to $1000. to test if the money was withdraw able i made a withdraw of $1000 to my ecopay account and went to the atm and withdraw that 1000 with my ecopay debit card.

Me being a mindless dummy degen gambler, i had 2 pc monitors. On my left monitor i opened up 4 games, i can only remember one of the games was gonzo quest. i can't remember what games was the other 3 was. i put all 4 games on max bet and auto spin and let it rip, while on my right monitor i just keep clicking deposit as fast as i could (mind you there was a ecopay deposit limit of only 3 times within 24 hours i think).

i can't recall how long or how many spins i played.. but pretty much none of the games had any hit.. it was pretty pathetic mostly deadspins to the point i got bored and disinterested. so i close all the slots and decided to play netent live black jack. i was playing like 5k a hand and just like slots i had no luck. each time i lost all of a sudden in the next few seconds my balance was back to 5k. i managed to have a few hands before my account got locked. so i decided to go on live chat to see whats going on lol.

pretty much they suspended my account for 2 weeks while they were doing their investigations and than i received an email from them. i can't remember their exact words but they just said since i was a valuable customer they wont be pursuing me for any funds and let this incident go and reopened my account.

so yeh i just continued gambling with them as per usual till the Australian government banned online gambling.


p.s sorry for my bad grammar, english is my 2nd language
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I reckon the odd page may have been removed from this story book along the way lol.....

That is basically a large scale fraud case from where I am sitting, no way would VS just "let it go" unless only thing I can guess at is that the debt was building up with eco rather than VS.

Vaguely recall a similar "mini loophole" back in the day where players would deposit with Paypal even when the wallet was empty. It would work to a point but you'd have to put cleared funds back into your bank account within the next few days.
well if i really wanted to really defraud them and to extract as much money as possible, i would of taken and planned out a way to do it without flagging myself. well tried to anyways.

to be honest at the time it did cross my mind but i told myself nahhh they probably would notice if i start withdrawing large amounts so y not just have some fun.

like i said im a bad gambler and gambling without money is not fun. hell if i win a billion dollars i will guarantee you that i still be sitting there pressing the spin button as fast as i could till my balance reaches 0.

when i recieved their email like i was pretty shock and coudn't help laughing out loud like wtf... so i wondered who incurred the lost? videoslots or ecopay cause like i deposited alot... and i mean alot, and im pretty sure none of those parties would be happy with incurring the lost.. or maybe their is a conspiracy or somethings up in the world of online gambling between the casinos, game provider and payment services on how they all work together to rule and dictate online gambling and pretty much none of them actually loses money.. just like bullshit how the banks would make money with fractional reserve lending. i dont know... i just it's bullshit that none of the games i play had any hits or got features with pretty much unlimited balance.. and nowadays you see all this streamers getting constant max win and features.. and i can barely get a bonus with minimum bet..

thats y im a reformed gambler i barely gamble anymore its to rigged. or maybe im just one unlucky mf'er lol...
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