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Jan 20, 2004
As many of you know it's traditional for us to post an annual PAB Report to complement the announcement of the Casinomeister Awards and this year will be the same. But different.

For the last half dozen years or so I've posted a big chart and made comments on it but since we've had our PAB Summary pages live throughout the year that seems a little repetitious, and maybe a bit dull. So this year I thought I'd post something more like this:

12 Interesting Facts from the 2021 PABs -- with commentary

  1. Total number of PABs received: 413
  2. Percentage of cases decided in favour of the player and successfully Resolved: roughly 25%
  3. Percentage of cases in favour of the casino, closed for lack of evidence or abandoned by the player: roughly 50%
  4. Percentage of cases rejected, cancelled, on hold, still in progress, or duplicates: roughly 25%
  5. Total monies recovered for players in 2021: roughly €750,000 = £625,000 = US$900,000
  6. Average amount returned to players per Resolved complaint: roughly €7250
  7. Largest amount returned to a player through a single PAB: €200,000
  8. Most complaints against a casino group: LeoVegas/Royal Panda (14), Videoslots/MrVegas (11), Dama NV (9)
  9. Top three casino groups for quickly and efficiently resolving complaints: Videoslots, Leovegas and Dama NV
  10. Most unresolved and/or ignored complaints by a casino group: Aspire Global and Rival
  11. Percentage of complaints against Casinomeister Accredited casinos: roughly 15%
  12. Percentage of complaints against Casinomeister Rogued casinos: less than 0.5%

Obviously a great year for the Casinomeister PABs: over 400 PABs processed and roughly €750,000 returned to players. Needless to say, that nice fat total was aided by some pretty big-ticket cases -- but hey, no moaning from me (or the players) about that!

Speaking of big-ticket cases that was one trend this year that really struck me: far fewer nickle-and-dime cases and lot more high value cases. I can't say if this is unique to Casinomeister or not but I did notice that the average value returned to players per case was a lot lower at some of the other arbitration services. Why that would be I really don't know, but there you go. The average returned to a player on a successfully resolved case through the Casinomeister Player Aritration (PAB) service in 2021 was a healthy €7250! In my mind I see a great gathering of happy-dancing players. We all treasure our delusions, eh?

What else ... ah yes! A bit fat raspberry goes out to Aspire Global for totally ignoring any and all cases we sent to them this past year. In previous years it was hit-and-miss with them: some cases they'd respond to and others they would not. I guess they decided that a door half open was best closed and that's exactly what they did: the reps were no longer available on Skype and Aspire casinos ignored all attempts to open communications. Not a huge number of cases against them in 2021 but enough to notice and wish they weren't being such dicks about it. Ditto for Rival, by the way, but they've been a stone wall for years so what are you gonna say: same old same 'o.

At the other end of the spectrum is LeoVegas/Royal Panda. Many thanks to the team there for opening what had been a closed door in previous years and letting us establish a great working relationship. There were many happy players thanks to their open-mindedness and fairness in dealing with complaint cases. I'm in no position to give awards but if I were LeoVegas/Royal Panda would get the gold star award for rising from the ashes in terms of handling player complaints. Also great at processing player issues this year, have been Videoslots and Dama NV (was previously Direx NV). Both are continuing a strong tradition we established in previous years, many years ago in the case of Videoslots. Hats off to all three groups for being real stars when it comes to receiving and processing player complaints from Casinomeister.

LATER: I've been a bit remiss in not mentioning @L&L-Jan as our allstar casino rep here on the forums. Half the time I never get around to sending out the PAB because as soon as I mention anything he's on it and getting things squared away. Apparently my hats (??) are already off so I'll just give a respectful bow of appreciation.​

Well, I reckon that's enough blah-blah-blah from me for now. If you have any questions, or would like clarification on any of the above, please don't hesitate to ask below. I'll keep my eyes peeled and answer as best I can.

A small footnote here to encourage everyone to read the In Memorium section of the Casinomeister Awards 2021. We lost Micki from the Kahnawake Complaints resolution team this past year and too few people know what a great beacon of change she was for online gaming as a whole in terms of seriously raising the bar for the handling of player complaints. She was the best and we miss her dearly.
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Easy to take for granted what a great service PAB is, and has been over the years, and the work Max puts in. All this provided for free, I'm not even sure enough people appreciate that.

Never really had an overview of these processes, so to see that 25% of cases get resolved outright is actually damn impressive when all's said and done. Can't imagine CM without the PAB function, it certainly marks its professionalism over other sites in my opinion, can't say fairer than that :cool:
Many thanks but it is absolutely not just me on the PABs. You don't see it much because a lot of it happens behind the scenes but @GourdFollower carries at least half the load and has become an essential part of our PAB team.
@maxd its 2022, you are allowed to drop that yearly PM again: "Jan can you please remind me of your email as I just received a PAB".
@maxd its 2022, you are allowed to drop that yearly PM again: "Jan can you please remind me of your email as I just received a PAB".
You get them too? It's so exciting when they come once a year, so fun batting them back with the speed they arrive. :)

Keep up the great work @maxd and team, I bet the player who got the €200,000 was thrilled!

I have never had to resort to using the PAB service on here but if I ever do, I would happily donate 25% of the sum recovered to a charity close to the heart of those that work so hard to resolve the player issues - well done :)
I have an issue with LeoVegas at the moment and have raised a formal complaint.

Not heard anything from them yet and not holding out much hope due to the poor service and unreasonable barriers placed in the way of complaining in the first place - I asked to make a formal complaint at the start of January and eventually got a response to say it would be forwarded to the relevant department a couple of weeks ago.

I see Casinomeister is not their appointed arbitrator, and although I would like to use CM, am wondering if I should follow their appointed route if my complaint is not dealt with and continues to be ignored.

It's a pitiful amount of money, but that's not the point.
I'd imagine any casino accredited on CM to at least have a line of communication with the staff here in terms of dealing with player complaints?.....if it's purely 'talk to the hand' then that would figure in their accreditation status here, surely.

Can it hurt to open a PAB whilst that 'investigation' is still ongoing? I always figured the PAB service to be not working against, but working 'with' said casinos to try and find a resolution. Give it a go. No one need get hurt.

Or just see Max's answer above, beat me to it. Unbelievable!
Well done @maxd and @GourdFollower. You guys deserve real praise for all that you do. I wish that we would see more of the successes being posted or recognition being given by the people you have helped.

@L&L-Jan - Great stuff mate. Ever present and on the ball. You too are a real asset to your company.

Thank you very much for admitting us Max, and obviously thanks for doing your job for players for a quite long time already (I mean really long lol).



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