Bitstarz, Lost progress on Striking Diamonds


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Jan 26, 2021
Should I just accept that a technical error forfeits all progress. I was playing at Bitstarz and I was interrupted with a technical error during my game play on Striking Diamonds. I re-loaded the game and I was able to continue playing the game, but I had lost all previous sessions and I lost all previous progress on my chance to activate the “ Lucky Riches Feature” not so lucky I guess….. the feature accumulates diamond symbols to trigger a running win game. It seems and I feel it is unfair that when the game closes because of a technical error you loose all previous progress that was played. I did continue playing the game but I had to start from scratch, beware if you play this game…I was told by support agent that if you close the game you loose all progress……
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Hi, Bitstarz has an outstanding rep here on the forums. Send a Private Message to @BitStarz and he'll be able to give you the official word on your situation. FWIW though, closing out the game normally does dump the game's progress, but it would be good to hear that to be certain.

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