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Aug 21, 2019
Hey CM Folks

Wonder if anyone is in a similar situation. One of my favourite games (Kingmaker - Big Time Gaming) has broken. I'm in a bonus round that never completes (screenshot attached), i've tried all devices, all browsers and the bonus round replays and errors on the last spin. I've tried technical support and had to wait the obligatory 10 days just be told to clear my cache and cookies. I'm losing the will to live with Customer Support, helpful as they are trying to be, they continually spout the same rhetoric about clearing cache and cookies. No matter which CS agent I talk with it's always the same response. I have a feeling the error needs to be cleared by the game provider. Which leads me to my question(s), is there a BTG rep here? Is there a way to contact them directly?

There are hundreds of other games to play, but this is just winding me up!

Any help/advice appreciated.

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stuck game round, needs to be reported to LnW support to be cleared.
@SlotsBlogger Light and Wonder, the game is sourced from their platform. Formally known as SG digital and Nyx prior before that. I know this error, its a stuck round. They need to clear it and provide the outcome to gross, they need to credit the win manually. You won't be able to finish the feature I'm afraid. Can happen :(
Ha ha, thanks @L&L-Jan, that's not confusing at all! I was slating BTG all this time! Out of interest do you have a contact for them, looks like they have some sort of support portal on their website so I might try there. I'm not bothered about the money, just want the game fixed.

Thanks again.
Customer Support should report it, not you. They are being lazy. Tell them to escalate it to the provider
Customer Support should report it, not you. They are being lazy. Tell them to escalate it to the provider
This yes, they need to report the round. They can see easily in their BO the round is pending.
Ok, I'll give CS another go, I will lose my S%&! if they try and get me to clear my cookies and cache!
Yes, hence you should play at quality casinos with quality support, who knows what service they offer.

One example: All British Casino ;)

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