Swedish Gambling Authority Prepares For Regulated Market

Applications open July 1, 2018

The Swedish Gambling Authority Lotteriinspektionen has announced the opening of license applications on July 1, 2018 as it begins preparing for the transition to a licensed market.

Camilla Rosenberg, Director-General of Lotteriinspektionen, points out, however, that all regulations and timelines are still dependent on approvals from Sweden’s Government and Parliament and ultimately the passing of amendments to Law currently sitting with the Swedish Council of Legislation.

“The goal is that licence applications can be sent to the Swedish Gambling Authority from 1 July 2018 and that the law will come into force on 1 January 2019,” Rosenberg confirmed.

Tweeks to technical and general regulations are expected to be distributed for referral in the middle of March 2018.

Rosenberg highlights some of the challenges Lotteriinspektionen faces, saying the authority would need to increase its workforce by around 50 percent, review official working processes and invest in new IT systems to accommodate the new regulations and licensing system within a short period of time.

“Many operators who want to apply for a licence are already making preparations based on the government’s proposed bill,” she said. “The awarding of licences and the dates from which they will be valid will depend partly on the quality of the applications and when they are received by the Swedish Gambling Authority. We will make a comprehensive assessment of both the application and of the company behind the application.”

Applicants will be assessed through a combination of Government and Lotteriinspektionen regulations which will include responsible gambling measures, customer protection and strong security.

As it currently stands, the timetable is as follows:

Government draft bill including regulations will be completed in March.

Lotteriinspektionen expects to distribute its regulations and specifications by mid-March 2018.

It is anticipated that the Swedish Government will vote on the proposed law within May 2018.

Lotteriinspektionen expects to launch information meetings regarding the application process mid-May 2018.

The license application window is scheduled to open July 1, 2018.

The new gambling law will come into effect January 1 January, 2019.