Lottoland Censured For Unclear Advert

Operator failed to properly explain the rules covering pay-outs

Secondary lottery provider Lottoland has been criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority over a lack of clarity regarding its advertising on Powerball pay-out rules, and has voluntarily withdrawn the material. and taken steps to better explain how pay-outs and deductions are executed.

The complaint from a member of the public referred to a GBP 169 million Powerball pay-out and the difference in the amount a winner would receive should he or she opt to take the win in one lump sum or in instalments over 30 years. The contention was that this was not adequately clear from the Lottoland advertisement

Lottoland CEO said that his company accepts the ASA ruling and has already made changes to the website information explaining how deductions from winnings are made.

The ASA found for the complainant and directed that the material must not be presented in its previous forms again.