Italian Regulator Claims Success In Anti-Illegal Online Gambling Crackdown

7,000 illegal online gambling websites shuttered, claims Agency of Customs and Monopolies (ADM)

In its economic and financial update for the year to September 2018 the Italian Agency of Customs and Monopolies (ADM) makes some bold claims, including that it detected and blocked over 10 million attempts by Italian punters to connect with illegal online gambling operators, and has shuttered around 7,000 illegal websites.

The crackdown looks set to continue with greater ferocity following the granting of additional powers to the ADM to better enable it to restrict access to unlicensed operators or websites promoting illegal gambling domains.

The new powers include the right to carry out spot checks and implement more stringent analyses of internet-service provider (ISPs) activity, which has already seen five ISPs fined for failing to comply with monitoring measures and restriction requirements.

Supported by the ADM, Italian enforcement agencies have additionally extended their activity to video-lottery and slot machine inspections, leading to hefty fines and suspended gambling licences.

ADM says its enforcement activities are bearing fruit, with a decrease in violations “in the field.”