Dutch Regulator conducts Research into Gambling Behaviour and Addiction

The Dutch Gambling Regulator, Kansspelautoriteit ( KSA ) have conducted research and analysis into gambling behaviour and addiction, alongside AGOG Nederland, who are a foundation setup in Holland to help gambling addicts.

The research formed an online survey conducted among approximately two hundred AGOG participants, whilst the KSA analysed the collected data provided by the participants. Of the 223 individuals who were contacted by AGOG, a total of 86 people or 39% completed the survey.

Of the respondents, one third said they gambled on average two to three times a week in the year before they sought help. Another third also gambled four to six times a week. A quarter of them gambled daily. Most of the time (67 percent) is played on gambling machines.

The study provided the KSA with more insight into the nature and scope of gambling issues and into gambling behaviour. However, as the number of respondents to the survey was considered low at 39%, it cannot be concluded that the results are representative of the entire AGOG population.

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