Calvin Ayre Foundation in $4m Donation to Antigua Health Ministry

The Calvin Ayre Foundation which was created by Bodog founder Calvin Ayre, have agreed to donate $4m worth of PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ), which will also include N95 face masks to the Antiguan Health Ministry.

Unable to source the PPE equipment from the United States which currently has a restriction in place for exporting the likes of face masks and other protective equipment, the Calvin Ayre Foundation have turned to China to source the equipment required.

Speaking about the donation, Ayre said: “As Antigua and Barbuda and many other small island developing states struggle to protect their citizenry from this highly contagious and deadly coronavirus, it is becoming painfully obvious that we cannot look to the traditional donors and trading partners for assistance in providing urgently needed PPEs.”

“Thankfully, we were able to procure the desperately needed protective equipment from China for our frontline workers in Antigua and Barbuda. We are truly happy to be in a position to assist the Calvin Ayre government and citizens of Antigua and Barbuda, and especially the brave people on the frontline.”

The Calvin Ayre Foundation is an independent charitable giving organisation established by Ayre, with a mission statement to build a brighter future by removing barriers, educating, empowering, and breaking the cycles of poverty, emergency disaster, and help the helpless men, women, children, and animals everywhere.

Based in Antigua where Ayre resides, the Calvin Ayre Foundation has undertaken projects in eight countries since it was established in 2005, to formalise Ayre’s  charitable efforts.

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