Adam Anhang’s Wife Convicted Of Murder (Update)

2005 murder of online gambling executive finally laid to rest

The murder of online gambling executive Adam Anhang in Old San Juan, Costa Rica back in 2005 has finally reached the last chapter with the conviction of his widow, Aurea Vazquez Rijos, this week.

Vasquez was found guilty of conspiring to murder Anhang for $3 million with one of his employees, Alex Pabon Colon, who subsequently turned state’s evidence and admitted guilt.

Anhang was stabbed and bludgeoned repeatedly whilst walking along a street with Vasquez after asking her for a divorce 12 hours previously, and his family has sought justice for the murder ever since (see previous InfoPowa report).

Vasquez has escaped the death penalty but will be sentenced to an alternative punishment when the court reconvenes in January next year.