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Apr 15, 2004
Ok, now you thinking, whatta heck this topic is here.

Before i write, that many players have problem receive all casino letters (and i don't mean promotion letters only) important one also, and bad example is MSN Hotmail, who already respond me, that they want to block casino, viagra, etc letters, if people report enough or sometimes without reason. And King Neptunes, Casino On Net, etc, already confirm that they know that problem with MSN Hotmail
(hotmail and their spam-free-perfect-world-strategy.).
I don't have spam-problem. But anyway, there is good choice now: Yahoo

Why old Yahoo?
They have easy spam-control-settings system.
You can allow all spam if you want.

But best news is this (couple days ago):
"...Free Yahoo! Mail account
100MB of email storage
Keep more of what's important to you..."

Yep, they change old 4MB to 100MB!!!
And it's still free

Or you can keep also free hotmail with 2MB (what i still do).
But if you want 100MB to Hotmail, you have to pay only about
60 tokens/year (dollar, euro, etc). NEVER!

This sounds commercial, but i think if Hotmail offer 2MB and Yahoo 100MB (for free). Yahoo win :)
And some people recommend yahoo, after this annoying Hotmail system.

Edit: i write this also because people want sometimes keep their old e-mails, but there is not enough space.

And btw, new Google mail:

"Don't throw anything away.
1000 megabytes of free storage so you'll never need to delete another message."

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
(beta-version, and they have some privacy-case now, so read their page)
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What I like about Yahoo is you can have it automatically forward your mail to your POP 3 ISP server for like $20/year.

I'd stay away from google's Gmail: (Excerpt from an article at Motley Fool)

"One worry: Copies of email will remain on the system even if deleted or after account termination. Another cause for creeps: computerized snooping.

Remember those advertisements that floated in the streets of Minority Report and served up personalized pitches after a retina scan? Gmail's snooping system will work a bit like that. It will read the displayed email, then dish out advertisements based on the content of the message. If you're talking recipes with Aunt Sue, expect to see ads hawking pots, pans, barbecue sauce, cookbooks, or -- if the software has a sense of humor -- fire extinguishers.

Potential users may be assuaged by Google's promise in its Gmail privacy policy that "No human reads your mail to target ads or other information without your consent," but that's not good enough for me. As companies like eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY) know, consumer information itself is a very valuable resource. And given the policy of hanging on to email even after it's been deleted -- for data mining, I assume -- we see that, in the end, that gig of storage isn't actually free. If you sign up for Gmail, you'll be paying for it with a chunk of your privacy, and, to my mind, a little bit of your soul."
And if you do get that $20 upgrade to either forward or use pop mail, they will increase your mailbox size to a massive 2 GIGS! Yahoo mail is great, I highly recommend it. :thumbsup:
True that! Gmail will read all your e-mails, no doubt. I don't have anything against yahoo, but who guarantees they don't read your info? There's gotta be a price if it's free, even if it's not money.
In reality, your mail could be read on anyone's email system. At least here in the US, the owner of the server has the right to read whatever is on the server. You've got no reasonable expectation to email privacy, so expect that your email is read on whatever system its hosted on. But then again, the administrators usually have more than enough to do maintaining the systems to bother reading your mail.
And how many actually read all Hotmail stuff before they press "I Agree"
Outdated URL (Invalid)
Outdated URL (Invalid)
Outdated URL (Invalid)
Outdated URL (Invalid)
and that's not all. But these are in sign up page, they also have hundreds other "Terms Of Use" in their page/software/etc.

But anyway i still use 99% Hotmail, and yahoo is like my "trash-folder" to e-mails what i like to keep. And Hotmail because almost 10 years experience, and you can use that with Finnish language.

And when they open Gmail, i know some site, where you don't need fill any privacy information, but you have to own only valid e-mail to sign up (like some forums, games, software, etc), or just subscribe some rubbish-newsletters ;) , then i don't care. Otherwise i still use Hotmail in Casino sign up, and personal contact, sometimes my "ISP" e-mail (but 99% to personal). And like many, i have e-mail addresses in different "service", one totally personal, few to Casino accounts, etc. So i can easily control my message. And still don't have any spam-problem... maybe because i don't share my important addresses all over the net.
jpm said:
And if you do get that $20 upgrade to either forward or use pop mail, they will increase your mailbox size to a massive 2 GIGS! Yahoo mail is great, I highly recommend it. :thumbsup:

I agree - I've been using Yahoo for around five years now and there are rarely problems. And at one time (before this massive increase in storage) you could boost your storage capacity to 6 MH for free.
jetset said:
I agree - I've been using Yahoo for around five years now and there are rarely problems. And at one time (before this massive increase in storage) you could boost your storage capacity to 6 MH for free. has 100MB and free POP3 and mail forwarding.

I am having some problems with Yahoo! Mail lately, I can not attach documents? :eek2:

Can someone help, please?

They're selling your personal info...

I just thought I'd throw my 5 cents in... (yes it's worth more than 2 :)):

I've been using various free email accounts for over 10 years (opened my first yahoo mail account back in 1994), and my experiences (as well as some specific "guerilla testing" done more recently where I opened a brand new account at each major provider and then let them remain dormant for several months without ever sending or receiving any email to them) have shown some interesting results.

At any rate, what I've found is this: Yahoo is the ONLY trustworthy free email provider out there that I know of.

Every other email account I opened in my guerilla test received anywhere from three spam messages to upwards of three dozen spam messages, all within the 2-3 month test period.

Because I specifically DID NOT EVER use these accounts (I never gave the addresses out to anyone nor sent any mail from them) the only conclusion I can draw is that microsoft / hotmail (and virtually everyone except yahoo) SELLS THEIR MAIL DATABASE at will. If it's not the company that's doing it, then either someone within the company is unscrupulously doing it or their security is so lax that any old hacker can waltz in and steal their database of email addresses. There is no other way my hotmail and addresses could have received spam if I never even used the accounts myself. And no, I didn't use common names or dictionary words as my username, so theres no way any spammer guessed my addresses.

And to conclude, my original yahoo account which I opened over 10 years ago has NEVER received even a single piece of spam. That's because I keep a tight lock on who gets that address and because yahoo respects my privacy.
I second those conclusions. I'd had similar results as well and was totally convinced that hotmail was either selling or allowing addresses to leak. They are better now though and have better spam filters I believe than yahoo. The hotmail/msn interface is a bit quicker too if you are using a browser to access your mail. Another excellent one, though their free boxes are rather small, is fastmail.
zaphod42 said:
....... yahoo respects my privacy.

I have many addrsses (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc), and like i say before, i control those addresses carefully. And i have similar experience like you, i usually get FEW spam-mail / MONTH!, but all those single spam-mails i found my Hotmail accounts, even i protect those addresses carefully. And in Yahoo, i never ever get even single spam-e-mail!!! And in Yahoo, i receive all my e-mails without problem, but in Hotmail... again, there is big problem... and like i say before, they even respond me how they like to block all casino, sweeptakes, viagra, etc e-mails in future, even you want or not, and about their spam-free-world-startegy. :rolleyes:

Yahoo = :notworthy
Hotmail = :puke:

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