WARNING WinAsDealer: payments never arrive, Customer Service unresponsive


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Jan 20, 2004
The issue that triggered this Warning was as follows:
  • Player had approx $3000 in withdrawals approved and pending.
  • Payments never arrived.
  • Player contacts the casino several times over the course of two months, is repeated told "The finance department will contact you". No such contact is ever made.
  • We received the PAB, try contacting the casino several times over the course of November and December. Absolutely no response of any kind is ever received.

Based on this I have no choice but to issue the following:

Warning: WinAsDealer is with-holding player monies with no explanation and ignoring all attempts to seek resolution of the issue(s). Players are advised to avoid WinAsDealer until further notice.

UPDATE: see also this related Warning: BeTheDealer: stalled payments, very poor Customer Service.
WinAsDealer and BeTheDealer are run by the same parent company.

And now listed in the Rogue Pit.
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