WARNING BeTheDealer: stalled payments, very poor Customer Service


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I've had a number of Pitch-A-Bitch issues on the table for the past few months regarding BTD. They involve modest and larger sums where the casino was slow-paying the players so badly that the players came to us for assistance.

At first things seemed to be going reasonably well: BTD responded to the issues, agreed to payment schedules and gave their word to stick to them. Late last year things started to slide. They wanted to stall payments, asked players to be understanding and stick with them, reported cash flow issues due to the recession, etc. Suffice it to say that everyone was very civil about it and agreements were reached for payments to be caught up in the new year.

Here we are, well into the new year and the reports are now coming in that the promised payments are not being received ... again. In one specific case three out of the last four monthly payments have been skipped. In another case a written agreement to slide a player's pay-out into January from last November has been completely ignored now that the time to pay has come and gone.

My attempts to raise these latest problems with BTD have gone unanswered. As if it should be me having to chase them: they asked for the stalled payments, the players agreed, and then they simply don't follow through, without explanation or notice to the players involved. Shabby, shabby behaviour, financial crisis or no. The least they could do is respect the players who have given them the extra time to pay. But no, just a hollow promise that the money is being processed, then nothing and now dead air.

Warning: BeTheDealer has been slow-paying players for several months now and the crisis seems to be worsening. Customer Service is there to ask for favours but absent when it's time to deal with the broken promises.

Players are advised to avoid BeTheDealer until it is clear that they are capable and willing to meet their financial commitments: your deposits and winnings are at risk.
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Based on some excellent work by forum member [profile]Roanan[/profile] there is now sufficient justification to extend this warning to the following properties:

WinAsDealer.com (see also the Casinomeister Warning: WinAsDealer: payments never arrive, Customer Service unresponsive)

Also somewhat related: StartCasinoProgram.com

The common root of these is cvgaming.com:
The casino is owned by CV on Net NV, Emancipatie Blvd 31, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. The support center Casiopea Group Ltd provides customer support to the Casino.

Contact Us:

E-mail: manager@cvgaming.com
Fax: 001 888 266 5514
The casino is owned by <NAME> and is powered by software provider CV on Net N.V., Emancipatie Blvd 31, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.
Where <NAME> varies widely and appears as: Maximo Services Ltd; White Label Partners Inc; etc.

Based on the current situation players are advised to avoid the lot!
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Update: we received this request for assistance from a former employee at BTD. Unfortunately there are no options available to us to help these guys at this time. That said it seemed worthwhile to let the community at large know what has happened:
The casino bigwigs decided to stop paying all of its staff members, this started at the back end of 2009 due to cash flow issues. The last full salary for any member of staff was September 2009. As you can imagine, many of the casino's loyal staff have left, however, we are owed a lot of money and there is no sign of any payment.

The chairman, has set up the structure of the business so that any funds are filtered off to another company meaning that casiopea nor CV on net have no funds to pay their staff.

As you know, casiopea have had ongoing issues paying players and affiliates over the years and are now punishing the staff that have served them so loyally through these hard times. Destroying families and the life’s of people that fought to save this group of casinos time and again.

If possible please help us, or at least warn the gambling world of these people so that they do not get involved with the owners and operators.