What's Up With Boss Media Progressives?


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Sep 20, 2005
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I have been playing at Pharoahs and Sunset Casinos for a just a little while to take a break from the other casinos and to mix it up a little. I was wondering what is up with thier progressives? They have a LOT of them!

It seems as if the last progressive at these casinos was hit over 2-3 years ago. I am wondering whats the point in having these games if they are going to keep them from paying out for such a long time?

I guess this is the way to tell a player that this is an "AVOID ME CASINO" I won't pay out, ever. I wonder why (being facetious )

They might build a nice clientele if they revamped thier system for the games are pretty good except there are only a few, and those are too hard to hit. (Progressives that is)

A few small to medium progressives will keep a player coming back such as Queen of the Pyramids , which is hit like almost every week. Average pot is between $35,000-50,000 when it hits.

Guess I will leave them to the few that play there....and I guess they don't want any new players. Shame....
Jack in the Hole?

I have been watching this progressive (Jack in the Box) for a while and then quit...but went back to see if it has been hit yet, but it is the same...over 1100 days (approx 2-3 years) and still isn't hit....Geezes....What kind of progressive is this?

Hey Boss Media
...fix your progressives and you might get some real players...:lolup:
I know, I am starting to wonder too.

I list the progressive most likely to hit next on my front page, and that thing has been sitting there forever now.

I think I am going to take it down because it just doesn't seem that likely to hit at all.

Of course I also still have crypto's as the highest pot online there, and that has been there forever too.

Used to be I would have to change these things daily.

One more week and I am kicking Boss off there.

I must say though that sunset has a super new platform and some really nice slots now. I love the kangaroo one.
dominique Says :One more week and I am kicking Boss off there.

I must say though that sunset has a super new platform and some really nice slots now. I love the kangaroo one.
Boss Media really needs to take a look at that mess.

I too love the Kangaroo one. I play that almost entirely everytime I play at Sunset.

Great game and bonus rounds that actually hit more than once! :D Have hit the free 25 spins many times!!...that is always exciting :D :D

Just once I would love (probably pass out) if I hit the 100 free spins during the bonus round :notworthy

You can keep the RTG's compared to this game!....:eek: :puke:
Yes, they have some extremely talented game designers now.

I don't know what is the matter with Boss though, they are the slowest moving outfit I have ever seen.

With proper management and more and faster development, that software could kick ass.
The funniest thing is...try playing that Super 7 game with only one line...I'm almost certain that you'll hit the jackpot combination on a line you haven't played within hundred spins...too bad it never hits when all lines are played... =)

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