Trustpilot Vs Casinomeister


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Jan 14, 2017
United Kingdom
Do trustpilot have issues with casinomeister???
I tried to post a review and have had it turned down as they have said their "compliance team" have judged it to be unauthentic... posted @11:15pm judged @11:16pm.

I've complained but i'm just wondering if anyone else has had the same?
Maybe they had a 'cool off' period between the OP's attempt and mine, they likely lifted any type of restriction, probably in no small part due to the surge in Casinomeister appraisals. Probably thought we're a bunch of shills....ironic given CM's been swatting them away since its inception! :laugh:
Feeling humbled - thanks everyone, your input is truly appreciated. And like I mentioned in the mass PM - this is for all members of the forum, actually for anyone who cares to give a rating at Trust pilot.

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I just had my post refused also

As part of Trustpilot’s efforts to ensure that reviews always reflect genuine buying or service experiences, we use advanced, customized software to detect unusual review patterns.

Your review of has been flagged by our software or our Compliance Team because we’ve been unable to verify the authenticity of it. That means we’ve removed your review from our platform. Note that it’s not deleted, but it’s no longer visible online and won’t count towards the rating of

If you believe that there has been a misunderstanding, you’re welcome to contact our Compliance Team by replying to this email. We’re always happy to help.

If you have any questions, please see the information available in our
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Well that bites. We totally comply with their terms - so I don't get why they blocked your review.
I posted my review too but I think it posted twice, because it says I have 2 reviews and only posted about CM there once.
I would put little faith in TrustPilot, they are driven by the commerce they support, I bought some Rayban sunglasses from an online retailer with a very high TrustPilot rating, I could not find them anywhere else, I paid normal retail prices but questioned when they arrived, took them to my optician who is an authorized Luxxotica dealer (Rayban) and he confirmed they are fake, I posted my review on TrustPilot and it was blocked, the truth and proof was blocked, these guys are guilty of collusion, I would just let it go, eventually their credibility will be questioned (already the case, Google it).
You are gonna love this reply I got from TrustPilot!

<snip> - due to poster's request

UN-FECKIN-BELIEVABLE!!! Can I have a copy of all of my purchases please? :eek2::eek::eek2:
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