RANT Casino New owner? Payout time delayed


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Nov 18, 2023
As I am currently waiting for a payout to be processed ...:thumbsup:

I have been annoyed with the verification since yesterday
because documents were rejected there that were actually requested
in exactly the same way and were accepted by a dozen other casinos but rejected here ....:rolleyes:

for example:
for the address verification :

once invoice from my "statutory" (official) health insurance company here in Austria
REJECTED! allegedly private bla bla bla ???

then sent the last bank statement from my bank (I don't like to do that but...)
With the reason according to the chat request
It would be a virtual bank ???

What is a virtual bank supposed to be?:confused:

The bank statement is from my bank account, which I have had with the real Hypobank for over 10 years!:cool:

But ok
Finally accepted my internet bill as a third proof of address!?

This morning I received an e-mail that my account is completely verified!:thumbsup:

Unfortunately the Skrill deposit from yesterday has still not been processed.?

I have now canceled this and ordered a new one
because I still had an amount in the account
that I actually don't want to gamble away so much with such lengthy processes there ...?

So now I'm waiting again :rolleyes:
for the processing of a Skrill payout at RANT

(All deposits are with Skrill from the same account and without any bonuses, and completely verified so the ideal case ? ) ?

Where I am probably spoiled with other casinos with 1-2 minute payouts?:D


But as I have now read on Google, the provider has been changed?

And since then, some people have even had to wait 48 hours for their deposits...? (Trustpilot reviews)

Is that true, does anyone have more information on this?

And does anyone know why I don't see any of my 3-4 deposits from yesterday in the deposit history?

i can only see the payout according to the casino software, no deposit from yesterday is displayed?

I guess that puts me in the mood for a longer waiting time...


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And I'm still waiting for my payout to be processed today!

according to chat yesterday 48 hours?

Yes, such casinos know how to spoil your fun if you win back a few euros before sinking them again... :thumbsup: ?
Had to wait for way more than 48 hours on several occasions, it's par for the course until you get through verification. Once verified, it should be plain sailing.

Don't hold your breath, and play somewhere else for a while.

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