Trustpilot Vs Casinomeister

I wont let it go though, I will keep at them until my review gets published! Maybe it is too good a review? That is why they are trying to bury it? :cool: I will not be silenced! :p
If your email address is current in your profile, I can send you an email which you can forward.
They will automatically verify any negative opinions in most cases, as I found out when I left a review of a hotel or something last year - I got the same message! I couldn't be arsed to jump through hoops so it was the first and last time I visited the s(h)ite. This in itself may help eliminate trolls and malicious persons but the end result is to leave a misrepresentative selection of ratings on there rendering the whole thing BS.
I could, maybe, understand it if I had written a negative and outright derogative review that they may want to verify it but my review is quite the polar opposite, maybe it is too nice to be believable? :p:thumbsup:
Oh the joys! Having now received this from TrustPilot could ask a moderator to delete my previous post detailing my communication with them as I do not want to get Casinomeister into any potential trouble because I am too pig headed to let this matter go! You can also delete this also, only added initially so you could see what I am dealing with! :thumbsup:

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I posted mine several days ago. Personally I don't put much stock in sites like Trust Pilot that don't at least try to confirm the story of the posters. What you get is a biased review. Glad I could be part of increasing the rating which is well deserved in my opinion. Casinomeister is the top site in my opinion and has been since it's inception.
Woohoo!, I am finally a published writer, screw you TrustPilot!

Olga (Trustpilot)

Apr 12, 08:21 CEST

Thank you for your reply and for providing us with documentation showing your experience with This has allowed us to verify your experience in accordance with our
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We’ve now reinstated your review on Trustpilot. You can see it by logging into your Trustpilot profile.

If you have any questions, please visit our
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, or feel free to contact us by replying to this email.

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