Question, anyone used this site before?


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Feb 28, 2024
I have withdrawal of £3250 pending on this website.

Max withdrawal is £1000 per withdraw so multiple times required for higher amount
Trustpilot review is not looking that good.

Live chat have said 3 days to process but they did say they would ask their finance team to expedite (doubt it will be done any quicker but was worths shot).

My account got locked randomly, followed by a query from them however it was unblocked within minutes of me responding to their email confirming I am happy with the level of gambling.

Now I am patiently waiting for the withdrawal to be approved. I am not sure why all these websites don’t do instant approvals like some of the other sites such as SkyBet or Bet365…

Anyone have any experience of them?
If you search the forums you'll see a few reports from Casinomeister readers, this one for example:
SMS Spammed To Death By Lottomatrix Affiliates - Casinomeister Forum

FWIW we've had a fair few PAB Complaints against them over the past few years but nothing definitive to be concluded from those.

Max Drayman
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What worries me is the maximum withdraw of 1k per time, not sure that's right on UKGC sites.

But if they allow multiple 1k withdrawals at the same time and treat them the same, I suppose it would be OK.
Thanks for the response Max. Did they engage in the PAB process?
Back in the day it seemed they were OK with it, these days not so much. Keep in mind most of ours cases with them are a bit oldish now so it's not possibly for me to make definitive statement on this.

- Max
Hi All, I hope you are all well. I am sorry for my tardiness as got caught up with life. did come through and released the payment without any issue. They followed up shortly after requesting some KYC documents but didn't hold the withdrawal to ransom.
I am having the same issue with them verified account but not replying to emails since withdrawal and its still pending after 8 days how long did it take to get the money in your account? Thanks

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