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Ladbrokes Casino: Anyone Else Experienced This?

Discussion in 'Payment Processing Issues' started by dobbul, Jun 14, 2016.

    Jun 14, 2016
  1. dobbul

    dobbul Experienced Member MM

    Greenock, Scotland. UK
    Hi all,

    Without going into too much detail (because most of it is in the chat transcript below and it's basically been the exact same on a daily basis since my Withdrawal Request) I was just wondering if any other members have had similar experiences and agree that this is beyond a joke. Here is the latest chat with Ladbrokes Customer Care "Specialist" (*lol to self @ "Specialist")

    Thank you for contacting Ladbrokes. We will be with you shortly.
    Jarvil: Hi Richard! Good to have you here! This is Jarvil, your Customer Care Specialist, how can I be of assistance?
    17cathcart: Hi Jarvil; I hope you're well....
    17cathcart: Jarvil, would you be good enough to answer a few questions regarding my Withdrawal for £100? 1) Why is it still Pending after 3 business days? Please don't tell me "It's still with the relevant department for checking" because I keep being told that and it means nothing. It's been with "the relevant department" for 3 business days now and I was promised an update today. 2) What hours do this "relevant department" work?
    Jarvil: I see! Let me transfer you to a specialist in our Relevant Department.
    Jarvil: One moment please. Thank you! ;
    Freya: Hi Richard! This is Freya, one of the Customer Support Specialists. How can I help you today?
    17cathcart: Hi Freya, would you be good enough to answer a few questions regarding my Withdrawal for £100? 1) Why is it still Pending after 3 business days? Please don't tell me "It's still with the relevant department for checking" because I keep being told that and it means nothing. It's been with "the relevant department" for 3 business days now and I was promised an update today. 2) What hours do this "relevant department" work?
    Freya: I'll check on that. One moment please.
    17cathcart: All I receive after every communication with Live Support are emails asking me to deposit for a 100% bonus, or telling me I still have money in my Account; why aren't I playing with it
    17cathcart: Thank you
    17cathcart: And I don't understand what "Further checking" means, which is what I was told this morning. My Account is fully verified, I don't have a bonus on my Account and I've made the required deposit in order to withdraw, so what "further checking"?
    Freya: Thank you for patiently waiting. I also apologize for the long hold.
    17cathcart: That's ok, I've been patient since last Friday lol
    Freya: Upon checking, your withdrawal request is still being reviewed by our Relevant Department. I believe you have already been explained with this by Dylan earlier. Is that right? The reviewing of withdrawal requests of our customers is standard procedure to ensure that we will be releasing the funds to the account holders themselves and not to anyone else. In a way, we will be protecting your account and also your funds. It usually takes them 24-48 hours to finish reviewing our customers' withdrawal requests however, it may take time more than the usual depending on their review. They will also be reviewing the transactions you have made on your account including all of your game plays.
    17cathcart: Yes I understand that but clearly since my Account was verified and my Documents accepted last week, I am the Account holder, and the player entitled to the Withdrawal
    17cathcart: And it takes 3 days to review my game plays?
    17cathcart: I've got other online gaming accounts with other online casinos' and never have I had a withdrawal Pending for 3 business days
    17cathcart: I'm looking for some sort of definitive answers here Freya; you must understand that surely; why was I told I'd receive an update today and then nothing?
    17cathcart: Other than an email offering me a 100% bonus. I won't be reversing my Withdrawal if that's what they're hoping for
    17cathcart: As for my other question which nobody has answered; what hours does this "relevant department" work?
    Freya: My apologies for the delay.
    17cathcart: Dylan could only advise me to wait but how long do I wait, really?
    Freya: I can see here that Dylan has sent a follow up to our Relevant Department regarding your withdrawal request.
    Freya: The Relevant Department is available 24 hours a day same as ours however, please not just your withdrawal request which will be reviewed but for some of our customers as well. I understand that you wish to have this processed at the soonest possible time however, please note that our Relevant Department has some security checks to follow in order to fully process your withdrawal request.
    17cathcart: Ok, well I trust that this "relevant department" has the matter fully in hand and that my Withdrawal will be processed asap. As far as these security checks are concerned, I'm still confused as my Account has been fully verified and I was informed had passed all security checks
    17cathcart: I shall leave it with them and I do appreciate that you took the time to check into it for me Freya; hopefully I won't need to contact Live Support regarding this again, tomorrow
    Freya: I can see here that Dylan requested our Relevant Department to send you an email if there is any update about your withdrawal request.
    17cathcart: Well that has never arrived
    Freya: You may have to wait until there is already an update from them. As Dylan has already requested them to send you an email, please check regularly both your Inbox and Spam/Junk Mail folders to check if there is already an update from our Relevant Department about your withdrawal request.
    17cathcart: I shall continue to do that; thank you very much for your assistance Freya
    Freya: You're very much welcome.
    Freya: Have a great night!
    Freya: Kindly let us know if you have other concerns. Thank you and have fun playing at our casino!
    Freya: Kindly send us a feedback about our service. It won't take so much of your time. Please click on this link: You must register/login in order to see the link.
    17cathcart: Thanks, bye for now
  2. Jun 14, 2016
  3. Jono777

    Jono777 Meister Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Self- Employeed
    Stopped reading towards the end but I'd simply transfer it to the Sports wallet and go to your nearest Ladbrokes shop and collect the dosh!

    Don't even need your Credit/Debit card these days, just username and password and If your fully verified as you say then problem solved :thumbsup:
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  4. Jun 14, 2016
  5. dobbul

    dobbul Experienced Member MM

    Greenock, Scotland. UK
    Thank you Jon for the idea; I had considered doing just that however my Account was verified by them accepting my Birth Certificate, Bank Statement and a Utility Bill as I don't have photo ID. According to their T's&C's in order to Withdraw OTC in shop first time you need to show photo ID so great idea but I'm snookered there too :(
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  6. Jun 14, 2016
  7. paul7388

    paul7388 Meister Member MM

    not a lot
    glasgow scotland
    Really strange one.

    Is this your first deposit and withdrawal you have made at Ladbrokes. It seems like they are needing to check your details more which is strange as everyone i know in Scotland thats used Ladbrokes has been automaticaaly verified and never had tos ubmit any documents.
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  8. Jun 14, 2016
  9. DANB9191

    DANB9191 Senior Member

    United Kingdom
    I've never been held up or asked for ID.. My last withdrawal was off Ladbrokes too (£160) and it was in my bank account the day after at around 3:15pm

    You should get it if they approved your birth certificate, just wait and see what happens if you can't go in store to collect it :oops:
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  10. Jun 14, 2016
  11. dobbul

    dobbul Experienced Member MM

    Greenock, Scotland. UK

    Thanks Dan, I shall take your advice :cool:
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  12. Jun 14, 2016
  13. dobbul

    dobbul Experienced Member MM

    Greenock, Scotland. UK

    Yeah, I reckon they're just stalling coz I won the max allowed W/D from Free Spins IMO
  14. Jun 15, 2016
  15. dobbul

    dobbul Experienced Member MM

    Greenock, Scotland. UK

    Jeez, talk about exasperation! Latest chat transcript; I know there's no point submitting a PAB here because apparently Ladbrokes just ignore them:

    Thank you for requesting to chat live at Ladbrokes. We will be with you shortly.
    PR/RE - Dylan: Hi Richard! My name is Dylan, your Customer Care Specialist. How may I help you?
    17cathcart: Hi Dylan, I'm still waiting on an update regarding my Withdrawal which has now been "Pending" for FOUR days?
    17cathcart: I was supposed to receive an "update" from the "Relevant Department" via email and they haven't bothered....
    17cathcart: This can't be right surely?
    PR/RE - Dylan: I will be glad to assist you with that.
    PR/RE - Dylan: Let me check on that. One second please.
    17cathcart: Ok
    PR/RE - Dylan: Hi Richard.
    PR/RE - Dylan: Thank you for waiting.
    PR/RE - Dylan: I can see here that your concern has been forwarded to the Relevant Department yesterday and we are waiting for an update regarding your withdrawal transaction.
    17cathcart: Yes, I keep being told that so why hasn't there been any update when it's been "Pending" since last Friday? I was told it normally takes 48 hours and sometimes longer, but 2 days longer??
    17cathcart: I mean, do you understand my frustration here?
    17cathcart: And this mysterious "Relevant Department" apparently work 24/7
    17cathcart: I'm extremely confused and disappointed by the lack of communication or any definitive answers
    PR/RE - Dylan: I understand your concern and I apologize if you feel that way, Richard. As of the moment, we do not have any update regarding your withdrawal transaction.
    17cathcart: Yes, apologies are all very well Dylan but it can't be normal procedure not to have any update regarding a withdrawal transaction after, actually 6 days including last weekend
    PR/RE - Dylan: I can see that as well, Richard. I know where you're coming from as we are speaking about your funds here.
    17cathcart: It's not difficult; I made the required deposit using my debit card and requested a withdrawal back to that card; my account is fully verified and I'm still waiting for my withdrawal. Do all Ladbrokes players wait almost a week for their winnings?
    PR/RE - Dylan: It will really depend on the Relevant Department if they will be needing additional time for a withdrawal transaction to be processed, Richard.
    17cathcart: Well I'd like to know exactly what this "Relevant Department" are doing in all fairness
    17cathcart: Does it say "Relevant Department" on the door?
    17cathcart: I know that sounds ridiculous but this situation is ridiculous Dylan
    PR/RE - Dylan: That is the department who's reviewing all withdrawal transactions, Richard.
    PR/RE - Dylan: I really understand your frustration, Richard.
    17cathcart: Ok so "definitively"; can I have an answer as to when there will be any progression here?
    17cathcart: Or are all customers waiting on withdrawals requested last Friday, June 10?
    PR/RE - Dylan: What we can do today is to wait for the update coming form the Relevant Department, Richard. Rest assured that we will send you a notification via email once we have an update.
    17cathcart: So that will be today?
    PR/RE - Dylan: Hopefully, we can receive an update regarding your query and we can sort this as soon as possible.
    17cathcart: Well I hope so too Dylan. Thank you very much for your assistance
  16. Jun 15, 2016
  17. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    Ask them who their ADR is. (You are a UK player). This question should lubricate the "relevant department" in coming to a conclusion. If they don't, you can take up your complaint with the ADR provided you have reached a state of deadlock with Ladbrokes. 4 days might be too soon, but if it turns into more than a week with repeated broken promises, you should be able to get the ADR to look into it.
    Under the terms of their UK license, they MUST have an ADR, and must tell players who it is. Don't threaten to complain to the ADR right away, if asked about the request, just say you are losing confidence in their internal procedures and are doing research making preparations in case they cannot resolve the issue internally.

    Casinos like Ladbrokes will not work with PAB for UK players because of the UKGC having introduced the ADR procedure. They often won't work with PAB for other countries either because they feel that a formal dispute resolution process already exists with their licensing jurisdiction, and although they may be right, they have a record of being biased towards the casinos.
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  18. Jun 15, 2016
  19. fun4all

    fun4all Senior Member

    I had the same problem with them via Ace Kingdom casino (Ladbrokes owned). It was exactly as you describe OP. I was already verified completely and had made many deposits, down loads and loads. I had two withdrawls pending one for £80 and one for £107, one a bonus deposit and one a non bonus deposit. They just never ever processed them despite repeated live chats where I was brushed off to the next day. Never ever did I get an actual answer from live chat. After 10 days or something I completely blew my top and got a phone call from someone the next day where they apologised and paid my withdrawals. They could not give me a reason why regarding the delays. Eventually I got my money but they can forget ever getting another penny from me. They still spam send large bonus offers to me every week but they go straight in the trash.

    I definitely think they are a casino to be avoided (both Ladbrokes and AceKingdom), they don't have the slightest respect for their customers.

    EDIT : Also I agree with vinylweatherman. Ask them for ADR details and complain about them. At the end of the day they are totally in the wrong.
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  20. Jun 15, 2016
  21. redsfan

    redsfan Experienced Member webby

    bishop auckland
    Ladbrokes outsourced their main CS and Security to Manilla about 18 months ago

    Such a backward step its unbelievable.

    I had exactly the same and it ended up me issuing a claim against them and a solicitor for Ladbrokes rang me and pleaded for me to bear with them as they only answer to emails quite literally.

    Good luck
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  22. Jun 16, 2016
  23. dobbul

    dobbul Experienced Member MM

    Greenock, Scotland. UK
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I tried phoning them in addition to contacting Live Chat but that doesn't seem to have made any difference either :eek::mad:
  24. Jun 16, 2016
  25. dobbul

    dobbul Experienced Member MM

    Greenock, Scotland. UK
    Final Update (Hopefully)

    Ok, so Pending withdrawal now "Approved" and being Processed. Obviously, I won't be entirely satisfied till the money is in my bank account but many thanks to all those who have kindly added their advice via this thread. Cheers guys'
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