Resolved N1, manual withdrawal takes longer than a regular withdrawal


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May 10, 2015
The chat isn't helpful there. I have some answers from there:

- Your request is processed via manual withdrawal which takes more time than a regular withdrawal As the moment we can only ask you to wait for our team to complete the procedure.

- Finance team holds professional obligation in front of many players. Despite they try to process withdrawal requests soon as possible, sometimes they can't do this as quick as they want. They can't sacrifice quality for the sake of the speed. I hope you understand this.

I said: NO, i don't understand this!!!

Another chat said: Normal time for payouts with neteller is 10 DAYS!!! Yes, really: 10 DAYS for a withdrawal via neteller!
Neteller is everytime INSTANT till 30 minutes into my account, but not 10 days!

Is this a lie or is it normal time for manually withdrawals?
I've been waiting now gor more than 30 hours at N1 withdrawal and i think the're will kidding me about this!

What shall i do? Waiting for more time again or i must make a PAB for the little withdrawal?
What are your thoughts?
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This is an unbelievable story for me with N1.
It's a nightmare!
I've been waiting for my withdrawal 48 hours now :-(

First I must make a NEW verification (expired) for a little withdrawal, really little.
Than the problems begins:
I was in chat, i have wrote emails, i have contacted the rep from N1 here too (no answer) ... every time in chat another CSA and another answer for my withdrawal. I cannot say what was ALL the answers from the CSA's (than i write 2-3 hours only for this) there, really unbelievable!!!
You can believe me, i'm really angry for all the answers from there.

What i can do now?
I must make a PAB-ticket for this? Or still waiting?

Another new answer from the chat:
- As I see, the payment department is working on your request! Soon there should be updates, it may be delayed due to weekends. :)
As your withdrawal is made manually, it may take a bit more time than expected, unfortunately. Especially during weekends.

They have weekend payouts. Why i must wait for 48 hours and more now?
Are they want to kidding me all the time?

What the hell is wrong at N1???
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Today the answer from chat:
Unfortunately, we didn't get an official answer from the payment provider yet.
The requests are processed by our finance team manually. Although they are trying to check all the requests as soon as possible, but sometimes, they need some more time. We process all requests in the queue order, so none of them will be missed out.
Please give us a little more time, as we cannot influence and speed up the workflow of the payment provider.
Our team needs to process a withdrawal and it takes longer due to a bigger workflow which is why we kindly ask you to wait a little longer. We apologize for any inconvenience caused"

That means the N1 must ask neteller before if my withdrawal is ok, or what does it mean?

I've been waiting since 3 days now for my withdrawal from N1
2 days ago i have contacted the manager, but no answer :-(
Now i'll make a PAB!
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