Winomania Payment Processing Issues


Has been a very naughty boy ...
Apr 3, 2015
Quite a peculiar issue at Winomania with regards to withdrawals. I made a withdrawal back in January to be told they are having issues reimbursing back to my debit card and to send in verified bank details, which I duly did and got paid. I made another withdrawal request last night to be told they have a temporary issue paying back to my card and now cannot do bank transfers.

The options? They can repay to Paypal, Skrill or Neteller. I closed my Paypal account (never to be reopened as they screwed me over on a claim) and I don't do Skrill or Neteller. They then go on to say:

'Be aware that, if you cannot provide us with the missing documents or an alternative payment solution within 8 business days, we will have no choice, but to respectfully decline your withdrawal request and return the pending funds to your WinOMania account. Not completing the verification check may lead to an account closure.

We won’t be able to process any withdrawal, until the payment method is verified as required by the General Regulatory Obligations

My account is fully verified and my debit card and bank account details are also verified.

As per usual with most casinos, they can easily take your money but paying it back out is always a drama!

This casino's detailed review can be found right here

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