Bet 365 Withdrawal Issue


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Feb 7, 2021
Hi Guys

Has anyone ever encountered trouble before with 365 withdrawal via wire. I have previously withdrawn this way no problems due to an issue on my debit card.

So I went to withdraw after a sizeable win to get an error message saying my Swift code is incorrect which is not true as Spin Genie have paid me out twice with same details today and I should receive the second part tomorrow.

I spent 45 minutes with live chat they train to pay states they could not either they have emailed a department but with no timescale of when they will could back to me have to say feels very underhanded and unfair so far.

They said I could try other wire details but i only have one bank account anyone encountered similar? Previously I have been paid out successfully within a few hours.
In 15 years, bet365 never made a single mistake with payments or tried to stall a withdrawal. They do have very incompetent staff like every online casino. You will have to figure it out and train the chat agent haha.

Sometimes mobile versions of a casino cashier gives error like that. Was it on your phone or computer?

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