Withdrawal of funds from deactivated account


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Apr 13, 2024
Hi there. I was referred to this email as a way to resolve my issue with withrawing my money from my account with you.
My account is closed so my communication with you has mostly been trough your support chat. Its been a month now and I am still in the dark about what the issue with my withdrawal is and how to resolv it. The only reply is that they will send it back to the team and try again. I have already delivered all the documentation you need for the transaction to go trough.
I will attach a pdf of my chat log. Hope that my case get resloved as quick as possible
Hi there!
Which casino do you mean?

I have the same problem at N1 atm.
They have deactivate my account for a "manually" withdrawal. Ist this normal?
As far as I know there is an active rep here: Team.videoslots.
You can reach out to him and send him a private message.

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