Pokerstars Ontario, claiming they've sent money but they haven't


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Nov 4, 2023
I won $200 on April 5th. Made my direct bank withdrawal request as that’s the only way I can get my money from them. I received an email that day stating it was approved and that it will be deposited in 3-5 business days. April 12th comes and I still don’t have my money so I contacted customer service and they said they will escalate it.
Flash forward to today and I get an email stating it was deposited into my account on April 8th and to contact my bank. I’m also still waiting on a $50 withdrawal from last week that I probably will never get.
I am in contact with my bank right now but what else do I do? PokerStars Ontario are downright liars and theives, just passing their screw up and cheating people out of their winnings!!!

We have received your PAB on this same issue. Assuming that you want us to proceed with that we've locked this thread. Once we've done our PAB work feel free to remind us to unlock the thread so that fruitful discussions can commence.

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Unfortunately PokerStars is 100% "talk to the hand" when it comes to player complaints. Since the dawn of time their response has always been the same:

"... we cannot discuss any player's account with a third-party.​
... we will reach out to the player in question regarding their complaint."​

Of course that's a big load of BS, they certainly could -- and should! -- discuss a player's issue when the player requests it through a legitimate arbitrator (like us). It's just more convenient for PokerStars to say "no" and force the player to jump through the (carefully controlled) procedures described in the Terms.

When you're as big as PokerStars the assumption that you can make the rules and force compliance is, and always has been, irresistible.

We've informed the player accordingly and closed the case.

- Max
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This is the email that I received from PokerStars today.

THEY APPROVED THE WITHDRAWAL ON APRIL 5th! None of my banking details have changed at any point! They also sent me the PDF yesterday to say it was deposited into my account on April 8th so please can someone explain this ridiculous outright scam? Not to mention they took $35 from my winnings for THEIR mistake. I’m also still waiting on a $50 withdrawal I made on April 11th, to the same bank account, which was approved on the same day and I have yet to receive it.

Please advise me on what to do at this point? Again, my banking details are the same. PokerStars approved the details. I have emails from everything to prove this. How fair is it for them to take $35 from me when they said they deposited it in my account?

I want further action taken.


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... I want further action taken.
I'm afraid that's up to you. As explained above PokerStars won't talk to us about your issue, or anyone's for that matter. That means there's nothing we can do for you.

What you can do is follow the Complaints procedure they specify in their Terms. Yes, I know that's annoying and probably pointless but that's the way they roll: it's their way or the highway, unfortunately.

- Max
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