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Just thought I'd start a thread here so that some of the oldtimers can share their memories about Ted Loh (AKA Spearmaster) who was an influential character in the world of online gaming.

His input, opinions, and sporadic rants truly shaped the Casinomeister philosophy - going back to around 2000.

He was an awesome guy, leaving us too soon in 2010.

More on the dude here:


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I joined CM after Mr Loh passed away but I find it very heartwarming to see you honouring him every year Bryan.
It shows how much he meant to you and still does mean to you.
I think it is a great way to keep his legacy here on CM alive.



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I had a stroke in August that year and after returning home from hospital I felt very sad on learning he had passed away. The guy was a no-nonsense type and one of the industry's real pioneers. We still remember you Ted. It's a pity I couldnt meet you in Hong Kong. If we had met in high school we might have picked up a fight with each other lol.


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Miss Ted. Hope you are ok up their buddy. I put together a page about Ted just after his passing. It features a video that Pinababy's daughter did in tribute to Ted. Very sad to think that both Ted and Lisa are no longer here.

Like Bryan, the links to Club World and 32Red located at the bottom of my page about Ted are using the links that will benefit Ted's family.

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A clued up industry veteran with a good heart who was always ready to help or give advice to anyone who needed it, but Ted was also outspoken and had little patience for the thieves and rogues that have come and gone in the industry, many of whom he helped to expose.

On a more personal level a loyal friend and a great raconteur who is still missed, particularly on this day.

RIP Ted.


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I met Ted in Vegas in ... 2000? We'd already known each other from the WinnerOnline forums where he'd been instrumental in convincing us to start the forum and take it seriously. He was 100% right about that!

Our time in Vegas was a truly unique experience. He liked the slots but they seemed to frustrate the hell out of him: "what's the RTP on this thing!" he'd shout and look around as if expecting one of the floor staff to rush over and explain themselves. Blackjack was his game that day though and he played like he was going to burn the house down. He won $1000 in two minutes flat and said he'd take us all out for dinner. By the time we met at the restaurant 20 minutes later he'd lost so much he refused to talk about it and we ended up buying him dinner just to calm him down. :)

I didn't see Ted again untill years later when I started joining Bryan in London for ICE. He had mellowed considerably and it was great to see him again though I swear he had no memory of our time in Vegas almost 10 years earlier. Maybe his losses that Vegas night were something he preferred to forget.

When folks say Ted was an original they aren't kidding. There was only one Ted and there's been no-one like him since. Tip of the hat to him on this day we remember and miss him all over again.
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One thing that always cracks me up, Ted and I used to share links on our sites (like a number of early webmasters did). And at the bottom of the Casinomeister pages was the text "Online Gambling" with Ted's link for Got2bet. One day, Ted asked me to change the "Online Gambling" text to Got2Bet - so I did, using Homesite's global replace. And I screwed it up.

Instead of changing the link text on only those links, it changed every instance of "Online Gambling" to "Got2Bet" everywhere throughout the entire Casinomeister website. :p

I've changed a lot of it back, but even today I found in the archives, "the combination of pornography and Got2Bet is questionable". I just crack up seeing this knowing that Ted would be guffawing it as well. :D

If you start delving into the archives, you can find instances of this that are still there.