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Hi guys and gals.
CM and Pragmatic Play are bringing you a new contest
to celebrate one of their newest releases
The Dog House Megaways™

Welcome to

Doggone Funniest Memes and Trivia.

Here's how it works.

Part 1
Doggone Memes

Submit your funniest memes here, anything dog related, for your chance to take home part of a
250 EUR Prizepool

1st 150
2nd 50
3rd 50

You may enter up to three memes day/person

Part 2
Doggone Trivia

Answer dog related questions for your chance to take home part of a
250 EUR Prizepool

1st 150 (most correct)
2nd 50 (2nd most correct)
3rd 50 (random draw from all correct answers)

there will be 3 questions on board each day, 1st correct answer wins

Ts and Cs
Contest open to any member in good standing with a Videolsots acct
Don't have an acct - click here >
Videoslots Casino Review : Best Casino Of the Decade - Casinomeister
Prizes will be awarded to your VS acct with a 0X WR
3rd place random trivia draw excludes 1st and 2nd place trivia winners
In case of a tie, tying players will be put through an RNG to determine 1st and 2nd
Do not chase reps or casino live chat. Direct any Qs here.
winners will be asked to PM their acct details at contest's end to the Pragmatic rep
A day ends at 1159 PM EST

STARTING DATE: 24 August 2020
ENDING DATE: 31 August 2020​
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If only @Team.Videoslots would look into closure of my account so I can enter :(
My account is locked there and I have no clue why, chat can also not tell me why. I never deposited there, only registered and played the free spins. Maybe @Team.Videoslots you can help me here?
Happy Sunday, guys and gals.
So just a quick recap on what to expect tomorrow and going forward :)

Part 1 Doggone Memes

When the clock rolls over tonight into Monday, each member can enter up to 3 of your funniest dog-related memes per day, be they original or found, static or animated; up to you. Funny is key.

At the end, the 3 best will be judged by the Pragmatic Play panel and prizes awarded from 1st to 3rd.

Part 2 Doggone Trivia

Each day randomly throughout the day, during the contest period, you can find dog-related trivia/questions here in the thread. First correct answer receives a point.

At the end of the week prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place (most points).

Don't feel discouraged if you arent climbing the leaderboard; it only takes one point to qualify for the random draw.

Qs will be fairly simple (top of your head, to a little googling)

As always refer to page 1, post 1 for rules.

Reminder: a day ends at 1159 PM EST, so you'll be able to enter your first 3 memes in a little under 3 hrs from this post.

Watch this space for trivia throughout the day tomorrow.

Have fun and good luck :thumbsup:
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