Expired Promo Highest Multiplier Battle with Videoslots and Pragmatic Play


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Apr 27, 2009
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Pragmatic Play and CM
have brought you another exclusive contest

Highest Multiplier Battle

Here's How it Works

Simply post your best multiplier wins here from the game
the Dog House Megaways™

for your chance at a
Prize Pool

1st 500
2nd 250
3rd 125
4th 75
5th 50

6th-25th 25

note: please type your X-win with any submission

Good luck!

Ts and Cs

Contest open to any member in good standing with a Videolsots acct.
Don't have an acct - click here >
Videoslots Casino Review : Best Casino Of the Decade - Casinomeister
Prizes will be awarded to your VS acct with a 0X WR
Do not chase reps or casino live chat. Direct any Qs here.
Winners will be asked to PM their acct details at contest's end to the Videoslots rep
max 1 win/member
A day ends at 1159 PM EST
In case of a tie, the player who posted first will receive the higher ranking
Posts must be from during the qualifying contest period, from the slot the Doghouse Megaways™ and from Videoslots casino
real funds only
15/09/2020 Update:
Full -members and above will be the 1st eligible members for the Prizes, if not all the prizes are covered by full-members -> Newbies will be eligible.

Contest run date:

26th August - 26th September
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Oct 16, 2018
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Not entering this one, waited 1886 spins for my bonus, I'm not even going to embarrass myself with the result.


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Feb 14, 2007
Tried the game earlier today.
Left after 36 spins tho, since most of them were dead.
Shame i didnt take a screenshot of that 0.4x, would probabley have been enough for top26 . =)

View attachment 140048
Its insane what the adjustment in RTP does. Even if the slot is volatile, the 2% reduction makes a fundamental difference to your play time.

VS runs it at 94.55% whilst places like LvBet run it at 96.55%



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Dec 13, 2014
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Think the 1000x above was at Playojo - they run it at 95 i think.

Not a big fan of it to be honest to play - Mrs has had some decent hits on it (above, few 500x's and a 900x) but i can't hit jack (and that's me playing at the max RTP for it :p

Least to be fair you know what ur playing for - the 4 or so columns with a wild in them and some dogs flanking it (like last night).

Don't really see though what it offers that the original doesn't.

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