Expired Promo Pragmatic Play Contest - "Doggone Funniest Memes and Trivia"

There are promos that are no more.
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I'm confused, what was Videoslots input into this?

I think there should be more transparency in these types of competitions, any RNG results surely could be recorded rather than just a screenshot, and why haven't PP posted at all?

Thats not an accusation as I didn't take part, just an observation, a video of the draws would be better.
PP didn't participate I gather, because pretty much every contest is different.
And really, they didnt need to, thread-wise; I and pere have been in constant interaction with them and they've other projects they're working on getting on board for members.

Some reps prefer to run it themselves; others, to people like LadyJ or myself or pere; it really depends on their wishes by and large, possibly due to time constraints or really, anything :)

VS worked in cooperation with PP for crediting is all. :)
I agree with Colin, it's the total lack of transparency and it's not the first time either!
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