Expired Promo Highest Multiplier Battle with Videoslots and Pragmatic Play

There are promos that are no more.
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I got this one from my 25€ win

62 spins @30x( 3 retriggers from each 10 spins and 1 retrigger 20 spins)

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You bloody LEGEND MATE!!!! you made me go on Donuts slot which i havent played for ages. Did not do to well but suddenly BOOM got 65x multiplier in my 2nd bonus feature within short time.

Thank you so much mate and happy for you as well enjoy winnings :)

End result could had gone even better but very happy and also big thanks to Videoslots and Pragmatic for this tourney :) Also thank you for giving generous exhange rate as i got 21 pounds should only be around 19 with exhange rate.

very nice final win not far from 200x :) ( pic messed up bit as my video recorded lagged and crashed lol using OBS not sure why it keeps playing up cant get smooth recordings anymore and no i dont want to use baditcam)

Meanwhile I lost my 25 in about 5 minutes.. :mad:
All mine gone now as well i forgot about the thieving RTP on play n go slots here lol nevermind maybe next time my own fault spunking it all still thankful for this tourney/contest.
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I suggested:


= Childrens cancerfond
Hey Guys, about Swedish winners, we're going to put all your prizes to a Swedish Charity Foundation still pending to decide,please send me a PM in order to know all the winners and Decide on this charity foundation.

I have sent a PM to you.
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