New Micro Slot - Gift Rap!


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Dec 25, 2004
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Just ran across this game at Roxy Palace... it's like Pollen Nation. I checked a couple other micros and they don't have it and I hadn't seen any announcements about it.

Instead of the babies bonus round, it has a jack-in-the-box who 'dances'

I think I like it :thumbsup:

p.s. I'm not a high roller and usually don't wager more than $1 a spin.. started low and kept increasing til this hit
So does Golden Riviera, which also has a neat slot called dynomight.

I signed there yesterday to take part in the slot competition. I wrote to them twice to ask them to remove the bonus from my account please. I never got any answers except automated receipts. :confused:

I finally lost patience last night and played the freaking bonus.

I played it up to over $800 and them couldn't cash out of course because of the freaking WR and lost the darn money all back. :eek:

Not happy here. I HATE automated bonuses!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!

Yeah, I came across "Dino Might" at Spin Palace by accident today... All in all quite good fun, with the 'amber' bonus proving very profitable and hitting regularly. The DINO reel bonus is a nightmare though.. Nothing worse than picking the 200, then watching the 2000 and 1500 go begging!!! Heh hee... Damn slots :D

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