My New Favorite Slot


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Oct 14, 2020

My new favorite slot is Taco Brothers by Elk Brothers. It's got a RTP of %96.3 but that's not why I play it. Graphically it's a treat. Story line is something about 3 brothers wanting tacos. If you get 3 across with a brother then you get your bet back. If you get 3 chests then all the brothers get tacos. Then there's Maria, if she doesn't like your attitude then your done. I don't lose much and I don't win much but graphically it's a treat with most panels animated. Been playing .50 pence and mostly breaking even. Moved up to £1.00 and won a bit. Don't know about higher bets. Screen shot is not a bonus, just opening screen shot.

Is there a game you play just for the entertainment value?



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