ATTN: Casino Rep Needing a history lesson why no paypal from U.S. & Canada


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Just curious as to what came about that made paypal transactions illegal to Casino's from these 2 countries and if anything is being done to fix the problem?
EVERONE uses paypal!


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UIGEA scared them off. Paypal can't afford to thumb their noses at US. Nothing will be changed unless US makes changes in UIGEA.

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Not too sure to be honest. Are Paypal an American based company? That may have something to do with it, they probably don't want to get their wrists slapped like NETeller did!


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Paypal left the online gambling market over a year before the UGIEA was passed or took effect.

Truth be told...

The US Dept. of Justice scared PayPal out of the Online Gambling Market.

Four separate times we have asked the DOJ to provide us copies of the laws they were enforcing, when they drove Paypal and others (Yahoo,Google,MSN) out of the online gambling business, they have never been able to.

With no laws to back the position of the US DOJ, they used intimidation and threats of legal action based on the 1969 Wire Act (FYI - Legal experts now agree '1969 The Wire Act' has no effect on 'online' casino/Poker gambling). But the Business all just decided it was not worth the hassle with the DOJ, so they all backed out of the market.

Anyway the real reason PayPal is out of online gambling is because the US DOJ decided they didn't like Online Gambling...
You gotta remember that this is the same DOJ that curtained off the statue of Lady Justice, in the Justice Building, so no one could she her one bare breast....

Your Government at work...


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thanks guys I'm just tiring of E wallets and won't use credit cards. I don't normally carry a balance in E wallets. Pay Pal would just make things easier for everyone.


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Paypal are an insidious company.
They tried to monopolise eBay but were forced not to by the courts.
They make up their own exchange rates which only favour Americans (i.e. Paypal.)

They are involved heavily in the online casino industry, just not American the side of it.
Online casinos like bet365 use Paypal as a processor.


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Paypal originally left all gambling transactions online as a "we are anti gambling" kinda standpoint rather than any other reason


It was after they were bought by ebay - I think they stopped any kind of gambling transaction and only relatively recently have been allowing it for a small number of operators/countries.


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PayPal has NEVER completely stopped gambling transactions, outside the USA.

Only inside the USA has PayPal stopped gambling transactions.

And PayPal's anti-gambling attitude(inside the USA) was brought about solely by the US DOJ and their threats of legal harassment...


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