Wazamba, poor Support, very restrictive withdrawals


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Jun 20, 2022
Reviving this thread from 2022. I want to give you a review about Wazamba.

They are sort of reliable. They never made problems paying out my winnings. It usually takes 3 days to withdraw and receiving it on your bank account, on very rare occasions they need 4 days.

BUT there are a few big issues you should be aware of:

Support is one of the worst you can imagine. You won’t get any help at all, just copy-and-paste standard answers. If there are issues with frozen games and stuck winnings it is always YOUR FAULT. They won’t help you with this. Also the transaction history for player accounts is pretty badly implemented. Once I had to prove my stuck winnings in a frozen game with a screenshot of my playing history. Turned out the game wasn’t protocolled in my account – this happens quite often so you have no prove and Wazamba doesn’t give a shit about resolving this by looking into their own database or fixing this issue. Play’n Go on Wazamba has on a regular basis pretty bad problems. I cannot recommend playing Play’n Go at Wazamba. If you experienced problems with a stuck game of this provider I sort of solved this problem, can sometime give an update on this, if someone needs it.

Also a big issue is that you are only able to withdraw 1750 €/ week and 800€/day within 24hrs. You have to keep playing to gain player points in order to reach a higher level to withdraw more money than that. Also the level-up is not perennially and this is a pretty bad implementation for impulsive high rollers.

Why still play there? As long as you have no technical issues (does not apply to all providers) you are sort of fine. The biggest winnings of all casinos I made at Wazamba but you have to be careful, RTPs are highly volatile with long cold streaks for some providers. They have a big range of game providers and games which is another plus. They never made any problems paying you out as long as you stick to their restrictive rules of their weekly withdrawal limits.
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Why on earth would you play there at all?
The only reason would be the winnings. As I mentioned before, I got my biggest winnings from there. But atm I cannot recommend wazamba at all anymore. They have huge delays for their withdrawals. It takes up to 10 days not just once (at least they pay at all), it is like every second withdrawal. And their support is extremly poor - actually it is an impudence.

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