The reason for the account block is complete absurdity: how could I play poorly?


Jun 29, 2023
Good day or not! I want to share a review of several casinos - 21Casino and Reloadcasino. Initially, I played at both 21Casino and Reloadcasino, at first everything was fine, I even became a VIP client. BUT!!!!

As soon as they had the opportunity to withdraw a quarter of a million euros... Seems like a casino with a good reputation, but when it comes to large sums: THEY IMMEDIATELY BLOCK THE ACCOUNT CLAIMING YOU PLAY POORLY! ME, PLAYING POORLY OVER THE COURSE OF A YEAR? ARE YOU SERIOUS? They are both part of the White Hat Gaming group, they banned me in the entire group at once - they didn't let me withdraw my winnings, citing some verification, and then simply stopped responding to my messages.

Of course, I wrote to support, was ready to provide all my documents, bank statement, anything, if only they would respond to any of my messages. They tormented me for about three months and, OH GOD, they responded, asked for a statement of funds availability, which I promptly provided.

And what do you think happened next? THESE BASTARDS JUST CONTINUED TO IGNORE. And then on March 15, they sent a message saying THAT YOU PLAY POORLY AND WE WILL BLOCK YOU. And where is my money? They even took my deposits, which make up a large part of the confiscated amount, although I never refused to verify and provided them with everything they asked for. Return my funds, otherwise I will talk about this to everyone until the whole world knows about your greed!

It's not even a casino! It's just a den of scammers! Therefore, avoid the White Hat Gaming brand - they are scammers, they will take all your money and claim that it is your fault!
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