Question Bet365 old account completely gone? They allowed me to make a new one?


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Jun 6, 2013
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So as the title says,

I had an account with bet365 since 2011 and when I tried to get them to give it back to me because I kinda closed that account in a rage. In live chat they said they could not find the account what so ever even when I gave them all my details. Which has not changed lol. I mean I closed accounts many times and when when I tried getting that casino to reopen them they did after many years?

So I am super confused. I think I closed it in like 2014 or 2015 I really can not remember.

So my question was why did they completely delete all my details and old account? I thought casinos kept copies of old dormant accounts data forever?

But anyway I did create a new one.
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Data protection (GDPR) I would imagine, and 6-7 years seems to be the major litmus test for a lot of data (statue of limitations, tax purposes and so on).

Historically they may have held onto it for longer, but under the GDPR they have to justify "no longer than necessary" and "minimal amount required" - so they can trivially justify 7 years for legal and tax purposes, but beyond that it's difficult to justify for a closed account and so rather than fight a pointless battle they could junk the data.

Of course, that doesn't stop companies trying to get around this and keep data longer than they should - been plenty of court cases for "right to be forgotten" in recent years - some genuine, some speculative, some malicious.
Bet365 was shortlisted as Best Casino 2022

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