Bonus banned at Barz Casino


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May 6, 2021
Been restricted by group that owns Barz , casimba from having bonuses or setting up accounts with new casinos they offer
no idea why ive asked them for a reason got very robotoic email responses which basically say they can

i dont deposit much money over their network probably £150-200 a month got given 10 free spins on barz won some money think it was about £7.00 played that and built up balance to £500 withdrew that then all of sudden email saying account was in review had already sent all necessary documents before for verification
so was fully verified .

24hrs later email saying they were restricting my ability to get bonuses across the white hat and white network and the ability to join any new sites they have and although i can deposit normal funds they reserve the right to confiscate money as they see fit should i not play by their rules
they said to contact them if i wanted to know why
Chat basically told me in no uncertain terms they couldnt and didnt need to give me a reason and i should email the accounts dept
done this and they replied quoting t&c which says they reserve the right to do as they wish
so i emailed back asking why and another robotic email saying they arent gonna change the descion but should i not be happy to contact Ecoggra

has this happened to anyone else cause all i want to know is why ?
Be careful with Bonuses!
It is  crucial  that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of any bonus that you accept. Most of the complaints that come through our arbitration service are bonus related; it would be safe to say that there are tens of thousands of players who have never complained because they realized after the fact that they did not understand or had never read the terms. Nothing in a casino is free – so whenever you see “free” being used, there are stipulations. It is important for you to understand that.

Please check out our Bonus Section that lists the offers given by our Accredited Casinos. No deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses (AKA sign up bonuses [SUBs]), exclusive bonuses, reload bonuses, free spin bonuses...all this and more!
I can't speak for the site in question, but it is a common occurrence that players who win will get restrictions applied to their account.

As long as they've paid you for that withdrawal - that'll be the end of the matter. They reserve all rights to restrict you - whether that be deposits, promotions, or even close your account - and nothing is going to change their mind if the computer says no.
Its White Hat Gaming yet again. They do this with literally hundreds if not thousands of people. I lasted longer than most but they just do it to people out of the blue. Consider it a right of passage.

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