Betfair casino app, game stuck, advice needed


Jul 4, 2023
I’ll try and be as detailed as I can with this issue, so I was playing the online slot game ‘deal or no deal Double Action’ via the BetFair Casino app, and I was playing on the Feature Game Board that your awarded when you’ve got the numbers on the reels up past number 8, I’d definitely spun atleast 8-9 times since getting on to the feature game, and then suddenly the feature game reel was spinning, stopped on a number (number 2) but then didn’t move the 2 next spaces along the feature board, all the buttons on the game (take feature, take cash, hi, low, start(spin again) collect cash pot) aren’t lit up and I can’t press any of the buttons as it does nothing, but the lights on the game are still flashing as normal, the game music is still playing as normal, but none of the buttons on the whole game will work when pressed. I then tried the standard ‘logging out and back in to the Betfair app’ connected to a wifi network’ Deleted the BetFair app then re downloading the app’ but 24 hours from when it first happened and it’s still the same. Every time I open the game, it opens and a message comes up saying ‘the server detects it lost connection from the previous game, it will now resume your previous game’ I click ok and then it goes back to the place where the game froze or stopped working, but yet the buttons still aren’t working and I can’t do anything in the game, I can’t take the cash option, I can’t continue to spin the reel to continue playing the game, I can’t gamble hi or low, It’s just stuck in the same place that it was 24 hours ago when it first happened.

I can play any other slot game on the same casino app as this game in question, and every other game works perfectly with no issues but the one game in question is still not resolved or fixed.

After trying all the standard things (logging out and back in, re installing the casino app etc) I contacted BetFair Customer Service, and provided them with what the asked for which was, screen shots of the game, the transaction details of when the issue first happened, balance at the time etc etc, and I was advised that they’d raise a ticket on the matter and to give them a few hours to allow the relevant team look into the issue and get it fixed and corrected, and to log back into the live chat section in a few hours time for an update on the matter. So 9 hours later I return to the live chat, no update or communication from them, so I spoke to another customer service agent then, explained it all to her again, and she told me that she couldn’t see the ticket that had been raised and could only see the conversation between me and the customer service agent that was when I first raised the issue with them 9 hours earlier, so she’d raise another ticket again, and report the issue to the game provider (BluePrint) and please allow them more time to get this looked into and resolved. It’s now 24 hours since it first happened and I’m no wiser about any of the situation, no update, nothing!

So would anyone know if this is a frequent issue that can happen and also what happens now with regards to the outcome, the timeframe etc etc please?

I’m concerned about this whole thing because at the point where the game froze/stopped working, my cash amount on the feature game got to £1000 which I was obviously was going to ‘take Cash’ but this issue happened and now it’s still stuck on the £1000 cash amount, and I can’t do anything, cash out, take feature, spin again! I’m worried that I might not get the £1000 I was on in the game for some technical reason from the casino company due to it being an issue or along those lines….. any advice would be gratefully appreciated

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