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Feb 24, 2005
This is my first pitch bitch and given Fortune Lounge (FL) previously good rep, I am disappointed it about their casinos. Basically, FL partially screwed me out of $250 bonus at Fortune room and completely screwed me out of $300 bonus at Vegas Villa.

Fortune Room: I made three $500 deposit and got 3 $250 bonus, during June.
At the time T&Cs were 15x (D+B) with Blackjack restricted and Jack or Better VP not allowed WR=$11,250 I completed all wagering by July 2, instead of cashing out immediately. I left the money in the casino (after all I thought FL wasn't a shady casino group.). On July 7, I cashed out the $850 that remained of my $1500 deposited. On July 9, I received an email saying that my $250 bonus was redeposited because I had "correctly wagered only $12,250 of the $15,000 required." I called support and talked to Cliff. He said that even though I wagered before the T&C were changed, the new T&C 20x applied retroactively for cash outs!!. I wrote an email to FL protesting this. I waited a couple of days received no response. (In fact, I have not received a response to single email I sent to Fortune Lounge period.). Finally, I decided that wagering an additional $2750 was easier than fighting. So autoplayed $2,800+ of casino war since BJ and VP are severely restricted.
I lost $95 and cashed out the remaining $155 of my bonus. I feel I got screwed here, but ultimately I chose to gamble instead of fight. So I'll move on.

Vegas Villa. On July 5, I deposited $1000 for a $300 bonus +$10 free. The T&Cs were 15x (D+B) + 20x ($10 free) total $19,700. On July 6, my account was credited with the bonus. I received no notice that the T&Cs were changed for the bonus. I wagered $16,500-$17,000 on Aces&Faces and ~$4500 in blackjack or around ~$21,000. Once again I had bad luck and my balance dropped to $611 and on July 7, I cashed out. On July 9, I got two emails from FL. The first email said I wagered $21,300 out of the $26,000 [sic] wagering requirement, the second email said I wagered $21,340 for a $26,200 WR.[sic]. Both emails said my bonus was redeposited. My conversation with Cliff at the support desk was even less successfully, with him being unable to tell how much I wagered, but ultimately saying that I only wagered 20% of the wagering requirements because everything I wagered was on BJ or video poker. I again I wrote an email protest letter and received no response.

Finally, after a couple of days of hearing nothing, I said screw it I'll just wager another $5,000, so I played some Pai Gow, and autoplayed Casino War for the remainder and lost a few bucks. I cashed out. On July 13, I got another email saying my bonus was forfeited because I had only wagered $18,027 correctly out of a wagering requirement of $26,000 [sic]. Needless to say I was baffled how my "wagered correctly figure could drop from 21,340 to 18,027 even after wagering $5,000 more!!. I called FL support this guy Yacca (sp) was more helpful. He agreed I wagered $5,000 recently and said he would escalate the problem.

Saturday, July 16 I got my final email . The email said that even though I was told the wagering requirements incorrectly, I hadn't wagered 26,000 so my bonus was lost. The ironic thing is Shaan claimed the wagering requirements were $26,300. However, the actual wagering requirements according to the T&Cs (for this hour :( ) are $26,250 which not one support person at FL quoted correctly!

Finally, Sunday I came across Jeremy email on the Fortune Thread. I emailed him and PMed him and haven't received a response.

I feel I am entitled to my $300 bonus because: First, I meet the T&C that I deposited under and secondly, I wagered additional $5,000 that the first emails said I was short.

At this point, I have no confidence that anybody at FL support actually can figure out what I wagered since I never receive the same answer twice.

Bryan thanks in advance for the help.
Hi strollen,

Welcome to the forum. If you would like me to get involved with your PAB, please fill out the form here:

As for PMing casino reps - please bear in mind that many of them are upper management who work M-F, (weekend PMs get backlogged). Jeremy is also filling in for Wim who is out of town so he is probably juggling two positions at the moment. Nevertheless - PAB me and I'll get it to the right persons.
If only Microgaming would change their crap, so-called 'market leader' software to be more like Cryptologic or even RTG, the number of complaints relating to the subject of bonus wagering requirements would drop dramatically!

Crypto's Log Viewer is brilliant - it tells you exactly how much you have wagered on every game with a one-line summary (except for Let-it-ride poker, where it forgets to deduct the withdrawn bets!). MG's Playcheck is a pile of shite! It would take longer to go through all that garbage to add up your bets, than it actually took to play the games! :eek:

With Crypto you can also tell if you've met the WR BEFORE you ask for a withdrawal, because the banking screen tells you if your full balance is withdrawable! (At William Hill it even tells you to the exact cent how much more WR is needed to qualify your bonus!)
With my very limited recent experience of RTG, I believe a lot (if not all) of them also have a similar indication of WR on their banking screen.

So come on MG, stop working on new slots - enough already!!! - and put some effort into producing a PROPER log viewer, stopping your automatic download of every game at every MG casino, and stopping your software from 100% CPU utilisation! Please!!!
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If only Microgaming would change their crap, so-called 'market leader' software to be more like Cryptologic or even RTG, the number of complaints relating to the subject of bonus wagering requirements would drop dramatically

Microgaming has lots of good features, but you are right it is really hard for a player to keep track of his wagering, and it appears it hard for the support staff also.

Crypto works well, but I really like Playtech because you can always check your comp points to figure out how much you need to wager.
Hi Strollen

Please could you PM me your account details at
I would really like to resolve your enquiry without any further delay.

Unfortunately, we have not received your e-mail that you sent on Sunday. I am looking into the reason for this.

Warm Regards and Many Thanks
Hi Jeremy

I resent my email which contains all my account details and backup documentation.

I also sent you a PM on this forum, with my account details.
Hi Strollen

Many thanks for sending me your details. I do apologise for the delay in responding. I have, as indicated in an earlier post, basically been juggling two positions and therefore I regret not being able to immediately respond at all times.

I looked into your situation and have to publicly apologise to you as we indeed made an error with forfeiting the bonus. The policy states that only after two bonus reversals that the bonus will be forfeited. In your case this was done after the first time already.

Please accept my personal apology for this.

I am happy to report that your bonus has been credited back and you are able to continue wagering as normal

Please contact me immediately should you wish to discuss this matter further.

I do appreciate your patience.

Warm regards

Thanks for your quick response on this, I really appreciate it. I do have one more request. I am confident that I meet the wagering requirements when I orginally deposited and I would like to cash out, since I only like playing VP or BJ and they are now severely restricted.

I am hestitant to cash out again because than my bonus would be forfeited according to your policy.

On the other hand the last time I tried additional wagering at Vegas Villa, my "wagering correctly" amount dropped from $21,340 to $18,027 despite spending many hours playing casino war.

Could you have somebody at the casino send me an email?. Verifying that I've meet the wagering requirements, or if I haven't meet them provide me with a reasonably detailed breakdown of my wagering and any additional wagering I need to.

thank you.

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