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Dec 11, 2023
I deposited $200 CAD on Hollycorn NV's CasinoBello. I ran it up and managed to clear the welcome bonus wagering leaving a balance of $920. I requested a withdrawal and when I tried to login yesterday it said account disabled. I spoke to support because they told me it's not disabled. In any case, I finally got in to my account to see the winnings removed and my balance at my original deposit amount of $200. When I questioned support, they said I bet more than the max bet of 7$ allowable while bonus wagering.

I know I didn't bet anywhere close to that on any single spin or feature. I know the rules. But just in case I may have accidentally done so, I reviewed every single line on my bet history and confirmed I did not exceed the bet amount allowed. Now when I try to correct this with their support chat, I just get put back in the queue. It's happened four times so it seems they are playing some games here

not sure what do at this point.
Our PAB service is the most established Online Casino complaint center - full stop.
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