Limitless kinda shady practice I think


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Dec 19, 2023
topeka kansas
I was playing a loyalty bonus at limitless this morning and was winning really big. I had something like 900 dollars I had to wager to be able to redeem my max cash out of $50. Had a little 1200 to play with so was just spinning $10 dollars a time to get it done . Apparently I drew it down to 50 and they took all the money but 50 and before I noticed they had done this I was basically at $0 . All the others casino’s I play at have a pop up Window that comes up to let you know you have hit the wager requirement. Nope not limitless they sneak it it and take your extra cash and hope you lose a hand or two before you realize what happened .
A lot of casinos have it like that. It's not exactly player friendly, so whenever I play with a max cashout bonus I make 100% sure I know exactly how much I still need to wager before it's complete. I had this exact thing happen to me once and after that made sure I always knew exactly how much there is to wager. Close to that amount I take the auto spins off and go one spin at a time.

A bit offtopic, I hate really low max cash out bonuses. They make little sense to the player. You happen to win big and then you get to withdraw 50 or 100 bucks. Then you're kicking yourself for days. :axeman2:

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