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Mar 10, 2005
I am one of those that has a HUGE problem of reversing withdraws.

I know there are many others like me too ;)

Anyways, just a nice reminder to everyone:

If you want to remove all temptation of reversing your withdraw, UNINSTALL THE CASINO &/OR POKER ROOM until your withdraw is processed, and the money is in your hands.

For me, this really works great (When I can actually find the withdraw button!).

Feel free to post your tips and tricks for avoiding the "Reverse" problem!!


PS: Gonna call Bodog now to request an IMMEDIATE FLUSH :p

I just got off the phone with Bodog. They don't actually "Flush" the account. What they will do, however, is block access to the banking portion of the software. :thumbsup:
Bet you didn't expect to see me in this thread ;) :D

Feel free to post your tips and tricks for avoiding the "Reverse" problem!!

1) For non-US, play at any of the UK bookies casinos, pretty much all of whom have no reverse period at all, or 32Red if you want a Microgaming casino, who have only a 4hr reverse and they will even reduce that if asked. Or play Wagerworks (Virgin) and Cryptologic (Intercasino) casinos who have no reverse at all.

2) For US players, play Trident or Grand Prive for MG. Grand Prive have 6 hrs, Trident will (used to last time I checked) reduce the period to 1 hr if you ask them. Or iNetBet (RTG) who do have a reverse but flush cashouts twice a day. The only issue at iNetBet is their weekend cashouts - they say they do but I haven't seen them in action yet.

3) A third alternative is to play casinos that "flush" your withdrawal from the system when requested by email - there are plenty of these, but careful...lots don't.

I used to fall victim to Reversing until I did the above. It's a feature that the casinos/software providers who use it (MG, RTG and Playtech) should allow the individual control over, not the casino IMO. As a "user" I can testify that of ALL the "features" that software providers have introduced, the reverse withdrawal "feature" that "players love" (!) is the one that encourages problem gambling the most...as much as bonus offers IMO.

Obviously the casinos love it as there is no doubt whatsoever that it increases revenues. I'm not one of these people who harbour a grudge against a business that is there to make money. Having run businesses myself, far from it in fact. But this method has a dodgy ethical stance IMO. The very type of person that needs protection from serious social consequences is the type of person that will chase their losses. And that's what Reverse is all about.


I didn't know where to put this... in fact it may well be duplicate info... I certainly didn't want to start a new thread, so I'm borrowing this one. At any rate, I'd like to give JPF a big thumbs up for keeping an update page actually updated for US players.

Update: As of February 2nd, ACH is no longer an available withdrawal method for players from the US. Please select another Preferred Method Of Payment inside the Casino software.
Mousey, I check that page almost daily :)

Reversals: What I've done successfully a few times is shut 'er down. Take a few minutes to decide what I am going to do with the money, then write something on my hand:oops: I look at it a few times and say to myself 'NO Matter What!' and mean it. Then when I get the urge I look at my hand and say it; outloud if I have to.
Another thing that has worked is to take out my checkbook and write checks against it. I find putting my signature on them re-enforces to me that the money is spent and not my gambling gollum's to spend. I rarely use those checks but do try to follow through with the commitments after I get the money so I can believe myself next time.

I am not powerless over gambling and my life IS manageable:D

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