Is (Atlantic West Casino) for real?


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I responded to an advertisement I heard on the radio for to get a "free" casino (turns out to be $495) or partner in the company ($10,000 to $20,000) and spoke to the individuals promoting this from Atlantic West and Global Development Holdings out of Hallandale, FL. Any background on these folks? They are promising extraordinary returns. I guess I am asking, is this for real or a scam?


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Actually that's Mark "Anton" and Sherry Paisley who runs Soft Net Gaming as well. Their casino list is at
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and yes he's right, these people are the lowest of the low. Currently, they're telemarketing fake shares of stock known as "units" for $5,000.00 per unit. Selling to the elderly all over America for a big fraud. Even worse, they have a gaming license from Antigua that expired in July 2001 yet World Gaming allows them to continue. Makes me sick how off shore corps get away with this stuff.

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Bad history - check the archives on Atlantic West at Winneronline and particularly posts from a guy called iceman (I think)

So, Atlantic West are now in the cheap 'n nasty casino business....figures!