clogs VS the casinos (rigged rtp, etc)

99% of people are way below advertised rtp and there's 1% who hit a jackpot early and are slowly giving it all back
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There are dozens of providers, thousands of slots games

Has there ever been a case where an agency has said this game does not pay what is advertised and a provider got in trouble.

If the answer is no, then I guess we know noone is monitoring them or they have never ever made a mistake in their rtp
Session after session after session is like this, like 40% rtp in burning hot 40.

Will duelbits provide me with the analytics for this game??

At some point you think you will hit something big, never happens, thousands of spins, always miss dozens in a row, never hit anything.


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Just deposited $110 , $1 a spin, 180 spins all gone

What's the rtp on that.

Think I'm going to make a channel on kick to show this game is a 50% rtp game and hope people actually take notice


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But weren’t you posting last month screenshots of your ,000’s of winnings?
Slots aren’t meant to leave you in profit.
Different game

This is burning hot 20, I've had about 30 sessions, every single one was below 50% rtp.
Seriously, when they say 97% rtp and you lose thousands and thousands to a game that's payed you 70% average at what point do you say hold on a minute, I need to win a couple jackpots here to get to 97% and never play it again to even out
Almost like you're playing ultra-high variance slots and that is the intended design...

Most online slots are tested to billions of spins to calculate the RTP. Lower variance games like Starburst you would start to see variance settle down within a few thousand spins, some of the streamer bait slots you'd be looking at a few million spins at this point.

Ha. The KYC team would like to talk to you.
I'm sure the "Know Your Corpse" team can wait... we've all got a few years left in us yet!
Ultra high variance fruit slots. Doesn't make sense that you can go down thousands of x but don't worry it will even out when that big 10k x comes after 80 million spins. Yeah deffo no issue there
It would even out to RTP, it wouldn't necessary mean you are winning. At 80 million spins at minimum stake (say 20p), you'd still be a million pounds behind...

The only people winning in the long term are the casinos and the advantage players, and the former will ban the latter when they join the dots.
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Had a few more sessions on Burning hot 20, it's just a joke, hit a 40x, miss 35 spins then hit a 5x then miss 42 spins.

Unless your hitting a 50x every 100 spins your rtp is like 20%
I can imagine how overwhelming it was in the moment. But don't think about it for long. Unfortunately there is no single working scheme. Most often you have to rely on chance
Wondering what the heck RTP is? Find out here at Casinomeister.

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