Bonus Complaint Goldwin (west casino) voided 9000 euro on “Bonus seeker” term.

From Grey zone to rogue pit and banhammer to this "Rep" of shit would be only right move here. Too bad its not up to me...
I wouldn't have put it that vehemently myself but I understand the sentiment and cannot in all honesty say I disagree. His presence has had some advantage overall in that it exemplifies and confirms beyond doubt the mentality and ethics deficit we all knew existed among the people who run these clip joints. To me it's a brilliant QED thread.
Yep - it's an alternative code for 'shithouse'. Stooopid terms, targeting problem gamblers, fake slots, disguised payment authorization/processors etc.

So you see the scam here - tempt you with a bonus and you lose, fine. Have the audacity or temerity to win, and then the Catch-22 term is applied, that you're a 'bonus seeker' so you lose anyway. Their real name should be 'holdwin' as that's what they'll do. I'd go straight to your payment provider and chargeback for unlicensed gambling. At least you could get that back, unlike your winnings.

The classic confidence trick - hold cash-outs (that you'll never receive anyway) over you like the Sword of Damocles, 'activity' meaning their first scam tactic is to try and get you to spunk the balance before you get to your next won't-be-paid-under-any-circumstances withdrawal. If that fails, and you happen to increase the balance, either some other special 'term' will be used to thwart your w/d or an arbitrary excuse will be created like they think you're a problem gambler etc. Complain about that, then your account will be blocked and they will ignore further e-mails.

There's more chance of Putin waking up tomorrow, declaring world peace and his intention to seek EU membership that there is of you getting that 9k, or any significant portion of it. Sorry mate.

During my first game play I get very lucky.
I won 9000 euro. I wagered over 26000 euro to win this amount. After I withdrew 2000 euro, 5 days later I was informed by the account manager that my account was inactive and should start to play again!

I quote " I am dropping by today to inform you that due to lack of activity on your account, our system has detected it as inactive, therefore it is pretty unlikely for your future withdrawals to be prioritized and paid at a faster rate. I will try to pull some strings for you to have them paid faster, however, I will also need your help so I can increase my chances of receiving a positive response from our financial department. All you have to do is restart your activity so your stats can increase, and your account can benefit of more advantages from our side. "

I start to play intimidatingly and in the middle of my game activity with my OWN money which non bonus related I get another email that my funds are confiscated. I quote "Please be informed that the winnings on your account have been voided on initiation of Withdrawal, according to our Terms and conditions " I read the terms they deem as a bonus seeker and not specify what I have done wrong I quote "Goldwin reserves the right to label a player as a "Bonus Seeker" if Goldwin , at its absolute discretion, believes that the player has abused the promotion " This a freehold for the casino to basically say "we can do what we want" In the court of law this would be a "illusory promise " I feel victimized by this casino and these action gives online casinos a bad name.

I was hoping for some advice from this casino forum any advice is appreciated.
I've played this casino just twice and it was the worst I've ever played and I've played a lot of on-line casinos. Fortunately I did win and cashed out but the site is so bad to use. One thing that happened when I made a deposit through interac I had to reload the casino in order to play because it didn't take me back to the site which usually happens after you use interac which was annoying.
If you don't want players to use bonuses, then just don't offer them. There's a decent amount of casinos that has made the choice of not offering bonuses at all. It's that easy. No need for convoluted and vague "abuse" clauses.

You can't abuse a bonus by depositing the max amount allowed and cashing out after wagering has been completed. If people are winning too much, then you have to either lower the max amount of bonus given, or increase the wagering. That's your problem to fix, not the players. 🤦‍♂️
I have been following this thread for a while now. I was in the same exact position in my PAB. In my case the casino-rep took a firm stance as what they believed. The casino rep from basically saying how sorry he is for the players but rules are rules and NOT explaining and underbuilding any those rules in a legal matter. West casino should have repercussions if they take a firm stance on terms like:

- A player deposits specifically the same amount as the maximum bonus cap, for the sole purpose of claiming the maximum value of the bonus;
- A player completely stops his gaming activity after completing the exact wagering requirements of a bonus.

Hope for a favorable outcome for the player here.

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