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Aug 15, 2004
Hi guys. Once again, I am new to this stuff so if my questions are silly, I apologize. I am wondering if there are any legitimate sports handicappers out there? I have been recommended to docsports, and to MadduxSports. Are either of these services any good? Is it possible to really be profitable in sports betting if I have a good handicapping service and a good money management plan? Are all of these services just scammers? Thanks for the help.
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That's a very good question... well my name is Paul Belale and I am an upcoming Sports Handicapper, I do all sports forecast College Football, NFL, College Hoops, NBA, MLB, Soccer (Futbol - European and Spanish), UFC+MMA Fights, Tennis and other sports...

I really like to try to start up my 1st Annual NFL Football Tournament, even though my site is NOT 100% completed but trying very much to ramp production. JUST COVER SPORTS, LLC will be a Sports Gaming Information located in the State of Nevada [NEV] and operated in San Francisco until revenue is generated.

I been trying to catch audience attention for the past there (3) years and all I been hearing is "compliments" on how good I am. Well to be honest, that's great and everything but that doesn't pay my overhead.

My overhead right now is about $1,000USD a month and I am trying to figure out how to raise money for the organization. I am looking for people who has been in this industry and perhaps try to bring JUST COVER SPORTS to it's next LEVEL.

Since I can't get people to buy my services, I gamble the plays myself and I set a daily quota to make $300.00 a day to $500.00 a day to $1,000.00 a week. I can only bet on what I can afford to lose and what is profitable.

You can fine my threads @JUSTCOVERSPORTS (Twitter) which I release 1-3 plays a day depending on how strong they are and on Facebook at (facebook.com/justcoversports)

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Whoa, dug up a grave from 8 years old?!? Now you know that I am a ROOKIE. Heck I just signed up the other day bro...

If anyone can gives me an in and outs on this site... be great. I just hope I didn't violate anything.

Yes, a rookie, I was started with SBR Forums but the way they handle business there SUCKS! They couldn't just give me a warning and why it's was blocked, etc...

So, I am looking for new sites that I can handle without getting the wrong impression.
@JUSTCOVERSPORTS: please see our Posting Rules, items 1.3 and 1.11 plus sections 3 and 4. The bottom line is that if you've joined Casinomeister just to hock your wares you've come to the wrong place.

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