Bet365 betting issues, account suspended.

@mariasternina , Why are you posting my private messages to you? Especially since you're not even being accurate about it. I specifically told you that I had been in contact with several people at Bet365 but that they wouldn't respond to your case.

There is a difference, at least from my point of view: a casino that doesn't respond at all is just a shitty casino; a casino that does respond but says they won't discuss the matter because of some false and cooked-up reasons (which we can get into later) may well be abusing and/or violating the law and that's a much more serious issue.

Sorry to be picky about this but from the point of view of how player complaints are, or are not, handled these things matter.

And finally, if you want to post private messages you should ask permission.
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I was thinking this is not private post. Sorry!
Ok, I get that you didn't know that the PAB Ticket is private to you and us. But, to be fair, if you had read the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures like you said you had then you would know that the Ticket is a private (meaning not in public) process.

My point is that my message to you in your PAB Ticket spoke of processes here at Casinomeister that are not yet public knowledge. I did this because I thought you should know what would be done about your case in the near future but was not yet in place. I thought I was extending you a courtesy and it wasn't something I expected to see posted on the forums less than an hour later. I see now that it was an honest mistake but as I've said, you should ask permission before you post someone's messages to you.
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To be fare, i didn't read Policies. :( Bet365 rules i didn't read either, but now i know, they have a point in their conditions, there is said they can suspend account without any explanation, and make investigation without any timeframe. And now, they acting under their terms and conditions, and 15 months of "investigation" is absolutely normal, because there is no time frame at all for doing it! It can go another 15, 30, 50 ... months and i accepted this terms by my own!
I understand. Needless to say I think you and I have both learned some things about Bet365 that show them to be a lot less respectable than they would have us believe.
Now i would like to post this sad true story to more people i can. Maybe this can speed up "investigation". For me everything is clear, they don't want to pay. Let's see, how many months, years more they need for "investigation". I will post updates here, and together we will count! Now it's 15 months since account was suspended!
Now i would like to post this sad true story to more people i can. ...
Of course, please do. I just request that you ask me before you post things I've said to you in private (the PAB Ticket).
How come Bet365 are accredited but don't have a rep - and haven't for as long as I can remember?
That very issue has caused us some consternation. I believe Bryan will be tackling that in the near future. It's early days on this but it looks like it will mean some fairly significant changes to the Accred system in general and how we deal with Accredited casino rep truancy in particular.

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