Betonline, I won't be playing here anymore


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Jul 6, 2010
Created an account at Betonline. Played for several weeks. Did well betting sports and also in their casino. I get a notice to download telegram. Was hesitant since it connects my phone and desktop for messaging. I did not like this experience. I don't want to use it. All it did was give me a BOT casino Host. I went through the reward program and was almost platinum. Had high hopes reading through the rewards. I do tons of sports betting daily. I am the highest possible level at Bovada etc.

I have been paid all my withdrawals. The last one took a long time and was not fast at all.

I finally reached the level for rewards. Daily and weekly bonuses. I contact supprt and they say "Your account is restricted to all bonuses based on your play"...

This really upset me. I am a new player who has been playing 2-3 weeks and obtained the required level for support and bonuses. I won't be playing here anymore. No clue how they can say I am not entitled to promotions despite the fact that I reached the level for the rewards.

I will stick to Bovada and Heritage Sports.

They also charge a bitcoin withdrawal fee which is abusrb for such a huge company. And, you are limited to (2) withdrawals per week. The majority of the time I cannout withdraw and have to wait until they can give me a date or time to withdraw in the hopes that I will lose back my money. It never even reset the last two times I withdrew.

The site itself seems nice, and the games seem fair. I had good luck on the slots. I just don't like being lied to and then apologized to over and over again.

Just my two cents. If you play here beware that they will use stall tactics in payouts and charge you for BTC payouts. The rewards program is also not real. They make it look amazing and enticing, but it does not exist apparently.

Good Luck
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